Valentine’s Day Lighting Ideas

How to light up your love
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Valentine’s Day Lighting Ideas
01 February, 2024

Last Updated 1 February, 2024

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a more low-key observer of Valentine’s Day, lighting can help set the perfect mood. Here are just a few ways to add the ideal finishing touch to Valentine’s Day.

For love that knows no bounds

If you live in a warmer climate, why not take your Valentine’s Day lights outdoors? With our Direct Connect Full Color Outdoor Floodlights, you can use the Cync smart home app to choose from millions of color options and find the most flattering shade for your better half.  

If your weather is on the cooler side, set up patio heaters and string fairy lights for a winter wonderland feel. Use our Outdoor Smart Plug and schedule them to turn on at the perfect moment for a very romantic reveal.

For kid-friendly fun

Of course, you don’t have to just celebrate with a significant other! Get kids excited by tuning our Full Color Smart Bulbs to create a lovely pink Valentine’s Day scene. A warm blush color offers the perfect glow for completing love-centric crafts and other themed activities.  

You can also use our Full Color Light Strips to create Valentine’s Day lights for windows. Just add them to your sill and show some love to neighbors by turning them a vibrant shade of red!  

For traditional dinners in

You can’t go wrong sticking to the classics. Add our Soft White Smart Bulbs to your lighting fixtures and dim the lights to a warm, cozy glow. It’s an easy way to bring the restaurant to you—and it’s way less flammable than a candlelit dinner!

What are some ways to create mood lighting for Valentine’s Day?

Now that you know which products to consider this Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about some specific tricks for achieving the perfect romantic mood lighting with Cync features and more fixtures.

Turn up the romantic shades

It’s simple to create mood lighting in any room of your home. Red lights and rosy hues leave behind a kiss of romance wherever they go. 

Using the Cync App, you can tune the LED strip lights in your bedroom to a deep, luscious red. This is a surefire way to set a passionate mood throughout the space.  

Or if you’re dreaming of something sweeter, create blush-toned lighting in your living room by adjusting your lights. A soft, muted pink hue is perfect for rom-com movie marathons. Start up the popcorn! 

Sweep them off their feet with a lovey-dovey light show

Here’s one way to really feel those fireworks: display them in your living room.  

You can easily set your own romantic light show in the Cync App. For big gestures, surprise your significant other with extravagant light patterns, colors, and even sparkling effects. Or for more subtle nights in, queue up your special song and invite your partner to sway around the living room.  

Syncing those magic moments to blush-toned lighting creates such soft ambience. It will surely be a sensory moment that is impossible to forget!

Consider cutesy chandeliers

Have you ever noticed how a new lamp, night light, or even decorative bulb can make a room feel that much more elevated? The most minimalistic of rooms feel so inviting and complete with a fresh, new fixture.  

And chandeliers take that finishing-touch-elegance to the next level. They attract the attention to the center of the space and help set the tone for the room’s aesthetic. Plus, chandeliers are the perfect fixture for creating more permanent mood lighting. With so many styles to choose from, these decorative fixtures always stand out in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.  

If you tend to fall for something more versatile, the 5-Light Mentor Style Chandelier is the perfect piece. All the fixtures in this simple, yet stunning style adapt to any type of aesthetic. Great ready to fall in love with the flexibility!   

On the other hand, maybe your romance is hip and timeless. In that case, the 3-Light Glenwillow Style Chandelier is ideal. The fixtures in this line capture the nostalgia of vintage lighting with a bohemian vibe. Classic and always-exciting—just like your love.  

Now, if you are looking for a chandelier that will stand alone as a modern statement piece, you’ll love the 5-Light Solon Style Chandelier. It is perfect for those infatuated with anything mid-century modern. Try out something bold! 

So, whether you and your partner are snuggling up to watch your favorite flick or cooking your favorite pasta dish together, you’ll find that chandeliers keep the magic glowing strong on February 14th and beyond. 

Create hearts that burst with joy

Thanksgiving has pumpkins. Christmas has candy canes. And St. Patrick’s Day has four-leaf clovers. However, quite possibly the most iconic power couple pair, the one that always stands the test of time, is hearts and Valentine’s Day.  

With that being said, one of the simplest ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day is with our bendable neon LED lights. You can bend, shape, and snap your shape lights into a precious, beating heart and customize the color however your heart desires. (Let’s just hope it isn’t a broken one!) 

Shape lights are also a great way to add some fun lighting love to your kid’s bedroom. Your little ones will be head-over-heels excited to fine-tune the color of their room’s heart.  

With tons of fun options to explore, we hope you find the perfect match. Once you’ve found The One, be sure to snap a pic and share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag us (@GELighting)!