With a high light output to help growth and a pleasing light quality, our energy efficient LED Grow Lights create an optimal indoor gardening space for your plants and you. Here are the benefits in full bloom.

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Natural Light

Compared to the purple tint of other grow lights, ours has a light quality that’s pleasing to the human eye.

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Compared to fluorescent grow lights, LED Grow Lights use less energy

Low Heat
Low Heat

LEDs put off very little heat compared to other bulb technologies.

Long Lasting

LEDs last longer than many other lighting technologies

So many reasons to grow

Different bulbs for
different growth stages.

Grow Light Balanced Spectrum
Balanced Light Spectrum

These bulbs optimize the seeds and greens stages of
growth with a balanced red:blue light spectrum that
appears white to the eye.

Seeding, budding and flowering/fruit production
Advanced Red Spectrum
Advanced Red Light Spectrum

These bulbs give your vegetation optimal light for
flowering and fruit production with a red light spectrum
that appears white to the eye.

Flowering/Fruit Production

A natural light quality for you.

Compared to other grow lights, our light appears pleasing and natural so you can display it anywhere in your home.

Without Grow Lights
With GE Grow Light
Our LED Grow Light
Standard Grow Light
GE Grow Lights

Perfect for all growth stages.

Rated for dry and humid conditions with the ability to adapt to high and low light requirements, our Grow Lights provide the flexibility you need to grow a variety of plants.

Low light and high light plants

A high light output for plants.

Our Grow Lights provide a high number of micromoles—which means your plants will receive more light to use for both photosynthesis and growth.

Without Grow LED
With GE Grow LED
Our LED Grow Light
Standard Grow Light

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Grow Light - A19
Grow Light - PAR38
Grow Light - Tube
Grow Light - Fixture
Integrated Fixture

Available in the following


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