Creative Lighting Ideas for The Perfect Bedroom

Bedroom with switch
Creative Lighting Ideas for The Perfect Bedroom
01 May, 2024

In the big, wide world of interior design, few elements can be as transformative as lighting. And this is especially true within your bedroom—which is arguably the most important room in the house. Think about how versatile it is: your bedroom can serve as everything from an at-home office to a relaxing sanctuary. How you light your space can help determine its function, and can even bolster the mood you want to create.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the most interesting and innovative ways you can use lighting to create the perfect bedroom.

Add ambient lighting

Adding ambient lighting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a major change. You can think of ambient light as a “base layer” in your design scheme, because it acts as a primary source of illumination in a room.

It’ll instantly boost brightness and help establish the overall mood. One of our most versatile ambient light options are Soft White Bulbs, which can be dimmed to accommodate any time of day. And by using our other Smart Bulbs, you can even adjust light temperatures. Say you’re working from home. You can tune lights to emit a bright, invigorating shine. Then when it comes time to unwind, you can use the Cync smart home App to tune those same lights to a warm, inviting glow.

Bedroom with smart bulb bedside lamp

Create a focal point

When it comes to decorating, there aren’t a lot of “wrong” answers. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters! But one thing we should all try to steer clear of is creating a bedroom that’s a little chaotic, because it can actually affect your sleep. An easy way to keep things streamlined is to create a focal point with ceiling lights. This will be an area that naturally draws the eye, so it should hopefully include something worth looking at!

For example, we usually recommend a Flush Mount Ceiling Light, like our GE Color Changing 18-in LED Flush Mount. You can place one above your bed or desk for some visual impact and to create some drama. Or you can strategically place them around the room for a more balanced distribution of light. We have a whole range of decorative light fixtures, with different shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of sensibilities. They’re a major upgrade over the fixtures that come standard in most houses, and an easy way to personalize your space and show off your style.

Bedroom with smart bulb ceiling fixture

Stay on theme

When it comes to the holidays, why should more “public spaces” have all the fun?! With our Full Color Dynamic Effects Smart Bulbs, you can tune lights to millions of different shades. That means with the tap of a button, you can instantly transform your bedroom into a festive wonderland during winter or a calming oasis during the warmer months. Kids will especially love the chance to express themselves through different color schemes, whether they’re adding a haunted spin around Halloween or waking up to vibrant colors on their birthdays!

The best part is that there are endless possibilities. So whenever you want to try something new, you can just tap on a different color and create an entirely new atmosphere. It’s easy-to-use fun for the whole family that just might add extra smiles to everyone’s days.

Child bedroom with full color dynamic light strips

Smart lighting ideas

We’ve all been there: you’re snug as a bug in a rug, ready for a visit from the Sandman—only to realize that you left the lights turned on. Sure, you could throw on your sleep mask and try to push through it. But more likely, you’ll have to leave your cozy cocoon to turn them off yourself.

Enter: LED smart bulbs. When you connect your bulbs to the Cync App, powered by Savant, you’re able to control them from anywhere—but especially from the comfort of bed. Just open your smartphone and turn them on or off with one click. (Psst: They work just as well for couch naps, too.)

Woman using phone from bed

Enhance reading comfort

If you’ve ever wanted to elevate your bedtime routine, we have a novel idea: add reading! Picking up a book is a great way to unwind and decompress after your day. And you don’t have to have a stuffy study filled with encyclopedias: you can create your very own reading nook right in your bedroom. Just find that comfy chair that’s perfect for curling up in, add a throw blanket for texture, and the most important part: make sure you light it accordingly with a bedside lamp or other fixture.

If you’re really short on space, enjoy reading in bed. You can easily install a wall-mounted reading light for focused illumination that won’t disturb others. And you’ll have the perfect excuse to get a few more pages in.

Man reading in bed with ambient smart reading light

Utilize your furniture for enhanced lighting solutions

To maximize your space, you can always incorporate lighting into other pieces of furniture or fixtures in your room. Here are some starter ideas:

LED wardrobe lighting ideas

Integrating LED lighting into your closet or wardrobe can revolutionize the way you get dressed—and if that sounds dramatic, then you’ve probably never had to get dressed in the dark! You can start off by placing LED light strips or fixtures along the top and sides of the closet interior. This will help minimize shadows and make it easier to find items that might be hiding in the back. (That’s where that bowling shirt went!)

closet lighting

LED curtain lighting ideas

Incorporating LED lighting into curtains or window treatments can bring even more ambience to your living space. Grab some light strips or flexible GE LED ropes, then carefully affix the LEDs along the top or sides of the curtains, ensuring they are attached and evenly spaced so they give off the perfect glow. It’s an unexpected but really beautiful way to elevate your space.

LED bed headboard lighting ideas

We love the idea of outlining your headboard with our LED rope lights, because their flexibility lets you follow any twists or turns they might take. Then, light it up in a bright way for a premium look, or a vibrant shade for a little more aesthetic fun. Especially for kids, this can be a great alternative to a night light. Those monsters under the bed don’t stand a chance!

Teen putting makeup in bedroom full of purple dynamic light strips

LED shelving lighting ideas

With LED accent lighting, you can show off your collections while also adding functionality. Try our Puck Lights, which can offer your desired level of brightness and elevate any area. We love to install them under shelves, but you should also try placing them behind the items you want to highlight.

Light isn’t only about function—it can add serious style, and it can help create the ideal mood across every space. And that includes, of course, your bedroom. We hope you’re feeling inspired, and we hope you’ll tag us in your pictures on social media (@GELighting) so we can see them!