Outdoor Camera

An outdoor view—even from out-of-home.

Our Outdoor Smart Cameras let you see what’s happening outside your home from wherever you are—so you can watch the kids play in the backyard from inside or even see who’s at the door while you’re at work. Here are a few smart benefits:

  • Available soon in easy-to-install wired and battery versions, with a Solar Panel accessory (sold separately) to charge the battery during the day and enjoy continuous power

  • 2k HD resolution and night vision so you can check on noises from bed

  • 2-way audio communication so you can talk with people at your front door

  • A view of your home while you’re on vacation for peace of mind—no hub needed

  • Secure local footage storage with a built-in MicroSD card and a Cam Cync Cloud Storage* option

  • Easy DIY installation and setup

* MicroSD card and cloud subscriptions sold separately.

Coming in 2022.

What's Next - New Shapes

A smart, charming

Our Decorative Smart Bulbs combine all the benefits of smart lighting with the stylish look of our Vintage Style LED bulbs to add more color and control to your charming décor.

  • Available soon in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color options (Full Color and Soft White)

  • Gives you Direct Connect voice* and out-of-home control—no hub needed

  • Allows you to set scenes and schedules

  • Sets up easily and works seamlessly with all other products in the Cync App, powered by Savant

  • Brightens and dims from the Cync App

* Voice assistant required.

Coming in 2022.

What's Next - Reveal

Exceptional clarity—now exceptionally smart.

We’re combining the clean, beautiful light of our Reveal HD+ LED bulb with everything you love about Cync smart technology for enhanced control of your high-definition light.

  • Connects directly to Wi-Fi and voice assistants without a hub
  • Gives you out-of-home control
  • Sets up easily in the Cync App with no hub needed
  • Allows you to set scenes and schedules
  • Provides incredible color contrast PLUS whiter whites for exceptional clarity

Coming in 2022.

Wafer Lights - Full Color

Coming soon: a smart upgrade to downlighting

Our Wafer Smart Downlights take smart control to new heights: the ceiling. With no housing required, these recessed LED fixtures are easy-to-install and provide smart control benefits.

  • Available in 4" or 6" Full Color Wafers
  • Connects to Wi-Fi to enable enhanced smart control
  • Includes remote junction boxes to provide indoor downlighting without recessed can housings
  • Gives you voice* and out-of-home control
  • Allows you to set scenes and schedules
  • Sets up easily in the Cync App with no hub needed

* Voice assistant required.

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