Light Strip

An entertaining light strip show—indoors and out.

Our Dynamic Effects Full Color Light Strips—available in NEW indoor and NEW outdoor-rated options—take parties, holidays, and home entertainment to exciting new levels.

  • Music syncing option so lights react to sound

  • Dynamic Light Shows with presets and customization

  • 16 million colors and tunable white tones

  • Length options: 16’, 32’, and an 8’ extension

Coming in 2022.

App Update

More easy-to-use features—right in your hand.

With one Cync App software update, your existing CYNC Full Color Smart Bulbs and Light Strips will get:

  • Preset light shows
  • Scheduling individual devices without a scene
  • Adding an end time to your schedules (as opposed to setting a schedule for on and off)
  • A dynamic sunrise/sunset scheduling feature

Coming in 2022.

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