How to Beat the Winter Blues & Boost Your Mood with Lighting

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How to Beat the Winter Blues & Boost Your Mood with Lighting
19 September, 2023

With longer nights, cloud-covered skies, and colder (dare we say, less enjoyable) weather, it’s no wonder why this time of year has a major impact on people’s moods. The absence of sun and light causes individuals to feel sadder and less motivated than their usual selves. For many, it may just be a case of the winter blues. But for a smaller percentage of people, it’s a more serious annual struggle called seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Even though the symptoms of the winter blues are less severe, they’re not something to ignore. Fortunately, there are lighting solutions that help. That’s why today, we’re going to show you how to beat the winter blues with the help of a few of our products.

What Is the Impact of Light on Mood?

It’s no secret: there’s a direct connection between light and mood. Not only does the lack of sunlight during the winter months reduce your Vitamin D intake, but also having longer nights can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm—both of which can lead to moody winter months. Additionally, the direct effects of your interior lighting can have a negative impact on how you feel—whether you’re exposed to a light that’s keeping you awake or your lighting creates a less-than-positive vibe. Inside and out, mood and lighting go hand-in-hand.


What Lights Are Best for Improving Mood?

There’s no reason to wait until the light at the end of winter’s tunnel to feel good again. There are many simple ways to leverage interior lighting as a seasonal supplement. In fact, we offer a variety of products that can help you sleep better, live better, and beat the winter blues. Let’s check a few of them out, shall we?


Want to Bring More Sun Into Your Life?

Our sunlight light bulbs may be the perfect winter blues light in more ways than one. For starters, unlike many bulbs, they produce limited blue light. This helps you increase your melatonin throughout the day, so you can be ready for sleep at night. Not to mention, this LED closely replicates natural sunlight, per the color rendering index (CRI). Which means, like the sun, it makes things appear close to their true-to-life color. So, if you’re feeling down, maybe it’s time to put a little more sun in your season.


Want More Outdoor Light at Night?

Beating the winter blues is a goal that can also be accomplished with outdoor lighting. Our dusk to dawn light bulbs help by automatically turning on at dusk to provide much-needed light to your exterior. And then, by turning off again when the sun rises. There’s no app or hub needed. By simply screwing in a light bulb, you can make winter nights brighter and even gain after-hour peace of mind—for a better night’s sleep. Want to add some automatic light to your night? Pick some up.


Need More Pep in Your Step Throughout the Day?

Another way to beat the winter blues is to improve your energy levels with our best quality of daylight led bulbs. This enhanced bulb puts out a cool, invigorating light that can energize you when you need it most. Whether it’s helping you stay lively while you’re working from home, keep on-task with housework, or simply have the steam to get through February, it’s an energy-raising option ready for purchase.


Want to Give Your Home a Pure, Clean Look?

One more way to boost your spirits is to pick up our best quality of bright white light bulbs. This high-definition bulb gets rid of dull yellow tones, so you can enjoy whiter whites and overall exceptional clarity. Plus, it provides enhanced contrast which makes colors bolder so your rooms pop. Want to start your day on the right foot? Add our reveal® HD+ LED bulb to your master bathroom. Or put a few in your kitchen, hobby room, or any place where more clarity helps. Hey, just because it’s cloudy outside, doesn’t mean it can’t be crisp and clean on the inside.


Want to Create a More Comfortable and Convenient Home?

When it comes to home comfort, our soft white smart bulbs with smart control and optimal dimming are tough to beat. These bulbs not only create LED-quality soft white light at any brightness level you want, but they also allow you to enjoy the simple, convenient pleasures of smart technology through the Cync smart home app, powered by Savant—which include setting schedules, controlling away from home or with your voice, setting and saving the perfect scenes, and more. So, if you need a pick-me-up this winter, this might be a smart item to pick up.


Need Help Supporting Your Natural Sleep Wake Cycle?

Last but not least, our Tunable White Smart Bulbs are ready to help you maintain your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle. With the full white temperature scale at your fingertips, this smart bulb gives you the power to raise your melatonin levels using a warm, comfortable bedtime light. It can help wake you up naturally with a scheduled daylight-temperature light. And finally, it can shine your favorite everyday temperature throughout the day—all while providing all the smart control benefits you love. In other words, this tunable smart bulb could go a long way in helping you tune out the winter blues.

Ready to Beat the Winter Blues?

Now that you know how much power light has on your mood, you can explore ways to leverage lighting to improve it. Check out our variety of products mentioned above and many more on our GE Lighting website. Hopefully, they help you shine a positive light on your winter blues.


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