Gaming Room Lighting Ideas for the Best Gaming Experience

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Gaming Room Lighting Ideas for the Best Gaming Experience
05 April, 2023

After a long day of work or school, there’s nothing quite like hunkering down in your game room to play your favorite video game. Especially if it’s a game you’ve really immersed yourself in. But what if we told you that with some simple gaming room lighting, you can take your immersive experience to the next level?

It’s true! In fact, not only is it easy to add gaming room lights, but thanks to our versatile family of Cync smart products, you can customize the lighting to fit your space perfectly—giving you an ambience and atmospheric look that makes your gaming experience so much more enjoyable.

Not sure where to begin? Well, a smart way to get started is to simply make a floor plan (or “game” plan) of where gaming lights could go in your room—including the number of fixtures and great areas to add strip lights. But even before you do that, you may want to finish reading this blog! Because we have a wealth of information that can help you get the most out of your smart lights.


Do LED Lights Improve the Gaming Experience?

Yes, LED lights for gaming rooms can elevate your room in a way that transports you to a different world, immersing you in the gameplay. Gamers often perform better when they are in a room that is set up for the gaming experience, which includes having the right LED lighting, space, and atmosphere. The Cync smart home app helps you achieve this in just one touch.

Our Full Color Smart Bulbs and color-changing LED strip lights give you millions of colors, preset light shows and music sync, along with so many more experience-enhancing features—making our family of products a great addition to any room, including your gaming space. Here are a few more room-improving ideas:

By covering your walls and ceilings with color and motion, you can bring a lot of personality to a room, which makes for a more fun and enjoyable hang-out for guests.

Smart bulbs and strips can also create perfect moods for any occasion—whether you want to make the space feel calmer, more energizing, or give it a theater makeover for movie night.

Finally, our smart lights provide, well, light. And with more lighting options, you get more lighting flexibility. Want a spotlight over your desk? A glow behind your TV? Just enough to see the snack table? Whatever your end game is, it’s one touch of the Cync App away.


How to Get the Most Out of Your LED Strip Lights

Want your game room to feel more dynamic? Well, there’s no better way than adding some strategically placed LED strips lights. With a simple peel-and-stick installation, you can create highlights and shadows to provide a multi-dimensional vibe. Here are a few ideas for getting the most out of them:

  • Add LED strip lights for gaming behind your monitor or TV to immerse yourself in the experience with interactive colors.
  • Accent the edges of your space by installing rope lights across shelves.
  • Increase light to your keyboard by placing strip lights along your monitor stand.
  • Wrap LED strip lights around your floor lamp for an unconventional color boost.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Color-Changing Light Bulbs

Another unbeatable way to level up your gaming experience is by adding color-changing light bulbs. With just a few smart bulbs, you can blanket your space in vibrant colors—and create your desired atmosphere with a simple tap of our app. Simply add our full color bulbs to your gaming room light fixture, connect the bulbs to our Cync App, powered by Savant, and pair them together in a room for one-touch smart control of everything. Or if you want colorful control without an app, hub, or Wi-Fi, add our color changing LED lights.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Bluetooth LED Speaker Lights

Adding color isn’t the only easy way to create a gaming space you can escape in. Our Bluetooth speaker bulb can be screwed into any lamp or fixture for added sound—with no visible wires and no hub needed. And they’re so simple to install. Once added to your fixture, connect your sound system to your speaker bulb via Bluetooth to enjoy surround sound experience with your gaming—along with LED light of course. Then, you can even pair it with your music sync smart bulbs for color and sound in-rhythm. Want to get the high score in high fidelity sound? Pick some up!


How to Enhance Your Desk Light or Floor Lamp for PC Gaming

Now, it’s time to level up your desk or floor lamps. Like your overhead fixture, a full color bulb is a versatile and smart solution. When added to a floor lamp, our smart bulbs can bounce color off your walls and ceiling to help you achieve your unique vibe.

Own a desk lamp with a standard base? You can create a focused light source that’s functional, purely decorative, or both.

Does your game room double as an office? Our full color bulb features the full white temperature scale, so you can easily transform your space from 9 to 5.


Enjoy Your Dynamic, Fully Customized Game Room Lighting

Well now that you’ve powered up your game room lights, there’s only one thing left to do: start gaming. We hope you enjoy this next-level immersive experience.

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