GE Lighting, a Savant company, Reseller Policy


Savant   Technologies   LLC,   which   goes   to   market  as  GE  Lighting,  a  Savant  company, 
(“ Savant”)  produces  high-quality,  innovative lighting and smart home products under the 
GE® brand,  which  is  licensed  from  General Electric Company, for consumer and residential 
end-use.   Savant   takes   seriously   its  responsibilities  as  trademark  owner and licensee to 
protect  the  trademarks  used  on  and in connection with its products  against practices that 
may harm, diminish, or dilute the GE® and Savant brands or cause consumer confusion.

To  that  end,  Savant  implements  this  Reseller  Policy (“Policy”)  that  applies to each person, 
firm,   or   entity  (each,  as   applicable,   a   “Reseller”)   that    purchases    Savant’s    products 
(“Products”)    for    resale   or    distribution.    Any   Reseller   that   violates  this  Policy  is  an 
Unauthorized Reseller.”

This Policy does not constitute an agreement between Savant and any Reseller, and Savant 
is not seeking a response from any Reseller.  However,  Savant  reserves the right to revoke 
the authorized reseller status of,  or  to  cancel  all  orders,  or  suspend  and/or  indefinitely 
terminate any supply relationship with,  any  Reseller  that  Savant  determines has failed to 
comply with this Policy, in each case, without limiting any other rights or remedies available 
to Savant as a result of such failure. This Policy is non-negotiable.

  1.        Authorized Resellers Only.   Unauthorized   Resellers   (including,  without  limitation,  
    any resellers other than Approved Resellers, as defined below) are not authorized to resell  
    Products  (online or otherwise),  or to display,  copy  or otherwise use or exploit any Savant  
    owned or licensed trademarks, copyrights, images, marketing banners, other digital assets,  
    or Product information.  
  2.        Online  Sales  on  Approved  Websites  Only.   Resellers   may   only   advertise,   sell, 
    distribute, or take orders via websites owned and operated by the Reseller. Resellers may 
    not sell Products on third-party online marketplaces  (e.g.,  Amazon,  eBay,, 
    etc.), drop-ship accounts (e.g.,,,  Newegg,  etc.)  or  classified  sites  ( e.g., 
    Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) unless Savant provides express written consent. 
  3.        Authorized Resales.  Resellers  must  purchase  and  resell  Products  only  (a)  to  end-
    users of Products for consumer, residential end-use,  or  (b)  as preapproved in each case by
    Savant, persons or entities that intend to re-sell such Products only to end users of Products
    for  consumer,  residential  end-use  (“Approved Resellers”).  If  a  Reseller sells Products to a
    Reseller  that  is not an Approved Reseller,  then without limiting Savant’s rights,  the Reseller
    must immediately notify Savant and disclose the details of those transactions,  including the
    nature and quantity of Products sold and when and to whom such Products were sold. 
  4.        Product  Packaging.  Resellers  must  sell  the  Products  in  their  original  packaging. 
    Relabeling, repackaging (including the separation of bundled Products or the bundling of 
    Products), and other alterations to Products or their packaging (including, without limitation, 
    to serial numbers, UPC codes, or other identifying information) are not permitted. Resellers
    may  not  remove,  translate,  or  modify  the  contents  of  any   label   or   literature   on   or 
    accompanying the Products. Resellers may not alter or remove any trademarks, proprietary 
    notices  or  warning  labels  included  in,  on,  or  in  connection  with,  the Products. Without 
    limiting the generality of this Section, Resellers must sell Products only under UPCs or GTINs 
    provided by Savant, and use of any other UPCs or GTINs is strictly prohibited. 
  5.        No Implied License to Savant Intellectual Property. Other than permission to sell 
    Products in their original packaging, Savant does not grant Resellers any license to use its 
    owned or licensed trademarks, tradenames, product images, marketing banners, digital 
    assets, or other intellectual property. 
  6.        Support of Manufacturer’s Warranty. Resellers other than Unauthorized Resellers 
    may extend to any proper purchaser of Products the original manufacturer’s warranty in 
    accordance with its terms. Resellers may not modify or alter the original manufacturer’s 
    warranty; represent or characterize the original manufacturer’s warranty in any misleading 
    manner; or extend their own warranty with respect to Products. Failure to comply with this 
    Policy will result in the total forfeiture of any right to offer Savant’s consumer warranty. 
  7.        Territory.Reseller may only sell and advertise the Products for sale within the United
    States.  Savant  expressly  prohibits  Reseller  form  acquiring  Products or soliciting sales
    outside of the United States. 
  8.        No  Deceptive  Sales  Practices.   Resellers   must   conduct   their   business   in  a 
    reasonable  and  ethical  manner  at  all  times  and shall neither engage in any deceptive, 
    misleading, or unethical practices or advertising at any time, nor make any warranties or 
    representations  concerning  the  Products  except  as  authorized  by  Savant  in  writing. 
    Resellers  shall  comply  with any and all applicable laws,  rules,  regulations,  and policies 
    relating to the advertising, sale, and marketing of the Products. 
  9.        Modifications   to   this   Policy.    Savant  may  at  any  time  modify,   suspend,   or 
    discontinue this Policy in whole or in part or specify certain periods during which the Policy 
    is inapplicable. 
  10.      Questions  and  Reseller  Support.  Please  direct  all  questions  and  concerns  about 
    this Policy to