Can you cut LED Light Strips?

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Can you cut LED Light Strips?
31 May, 2024

LED Light Strips have quickly become a popular accent and decorative lighting solution. They have seemingly endless color and brightness level options to choose from, so they can create a unique ambience in any setting. For indoor LED strip lights , this makes them ideal for parties or for adding a little more excitement to movies or video games. And with outdoor LED strip lights , you can take your holiday display to festive new levels with one touch of the app. Plus, not only are they easy to install, but they can also be customized by extending and shortening to fit any space in your home perfectly—whether that’s under your cabinets or kitchen counter, through the stairwell, behind the TV, along your outdoor walkway, and more.

With connectors on both ends, extending them is very easy. But the big question is: can you make LED light strips shorter by cutting them? The answer is yes. And in this blog, we’re going to explain how to accomplish this easily—and safely.

How Do You Cut LED Strip Lights Without Breaking Them?

Light strips are a fantastic lighting upgrade to your home’s look and feel, so of course, you want to make sure cutting them isn’t going to cause any damage. Here are the simple steps to how to do that:

Step one:

Before you attempt to cut the light strip, it’s important to make sure it’s disconnected from the power source to protect you and the light strip while you’re working on it.

Step two:

Find the areas that are marked for cutting. Our CYNC Smart Light Strips have dash marks and a scissor icon to show you where to cut.

Step three:

With sharp scissors or a utility knife, make a clean straight cut in the designated area. Avoid using dull tools so you don’t damage the light or create uneven cuts.

Where Can You Cut LED Strip Lights?

Most strip lights include designated marks on where you can cut. It’s important to trim your light strip only on the marked cutting points. Trimming anywhere else may cause damage to your light strips. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to find out where you can cut your LED strip lights .

Do LED Light Strips Still Work When Cut?

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely while cutting your light strips, your product will still provide you with all of the benefits you love—in addition to a look that feels 100% customized.

How Do I Know If I Can Cut My LED Strip Lights?

There are a couple steps to follow to make sure your Light Strips can be trimmed to fit your space. The first is to simply examine the light strip carefully and look for the designated cut points. These points are usually marked by a line or scissors icon along the strip. Next, locate the solder pads—which are usually exposed metal sections that are either round or rectangle-shaped and are used for making electrical connections. It’s important to avoid damage to those pads while making your cut.

Are There Any LED Light Strips That You Can’t Cut?

Yes. It all depends on the specific design and construction of the light strip. Here are a few instances where cutting may not be possible or advisable:

Non-cuttable LED strips

Some LED strips are manufactured as a single, continuous strip without designated cut points. These strips typically have a fixed length and cannot be cut without damaging the functionality of the lights. If the LED strip doesn’t have visit cut marks or solder pads at regular intervals, it’s likely not designed to be cut.

High-voltage LED strips

LED strips that operate at higher voltages, such as 110V or 220V, are generally not recommended to be cut. These types of strips often require professional installation and are not designed for easy customization. Altering or cutting high-voltage strips without the necessary expertise can be dangerous and may cause electrical hazards.

Specialized LED strips:

Some LED strips come in specialized designs or configurations that do not allow for cutting. For example, strips with intricate patterns, addressable LEDs, or unique circuit layouts may not have cut points because they rely on the specific design for proper functionality. These specialized strips are typically designed for specific applications and may not be suitable for cutting or customization.

To make sure your light strips can be cut, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand.

How Do You Reconnect Cut LED Light Strips?

The easiest way to reconnect your LED strip light after it’s been cut is to use strip light connectors. Simply insert the cut end of the LED strip into the connector, making sure that the copper pads or wires make contact with the connector pins. Then do the same to the other cut end and close the connector to secure the clip in place. It’s a good idea to test it to make sure it’s connected securely. Reconnection will only work if the strip was cut in the proper area.

Enjoy Your Custom LED Strip Lights.

Now that you’re LED strip lights have been cut to fit your space, all you have to do is display them by following our how to install led strip lights guide. Then, simply connect them to the Cync app for one-touch control of millions of colors and moods for a more dynamic space. Enjoy!

Did you customize your CYNC LED Light Strips to fit your space? We’d love to see the results! Share a picture with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.