Control with motion

When you’re
on the move.

Always see a step ahead

When your
hands are full.

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Exactly when
you need it.

Entry Motion

How you make
it all happen

Motion Products

Choose the right
products for you

Both our Wire-Free Motion Sensor and Motion Sensing + Dimmer Smart Switch enable motion control of any space—from a large open floor plan to staircase lighting to an individual fixture. Explore their unique features and choose which motion sensing product works best for you.


Install, pair,
and group

Now that you have the right sensor or switch, install by following the specific product instructions. Once installed, pair with the Cync App, powered by Savant, and then group your Cync Smart Bulbs and Plugs together to enable motion control of lights and devices. Then customize your motion settings to your preferences—including Do Not Disturb times and the duration of time before lights turn off after no motion is detected.

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Keep moving with
motion sensing

Glide from room to room without touching a single light switch. Lights will turn on when you enter and off when you leave for an energy saving, hands-free home.


Smart options to get you moving