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Control Non-Smart Things

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Want smart control of everyday household devices and traditional lighting? Our Smart Plug and Wired Smart Switches can bring your favorite devices and lighting into the 21st century.

CYNC App - Setup

Install and pair
in the app

Simply plug any small device or lighting fixture into our Smart Plug or replace one of your traditional light switches with our Wired Smart Switch. Then pair the Smart Plug or Wired Smart Switch with the Cync App, powered by Savant. This will enable smart control of devices and lighting either plugged into the Smart Plug or connected to the same circuit as the Wired Smart Switch.

Crock pot

Control devices
and lamps

Now you can control these ordinary devices and lights from your phone. Forgot to turn off your flat iron before you left? Pull out your phone, and turn it off from anywhere. Want an early start to your evening? Activate your slow cooker and kitchen lighting from work. Everyday devices are now exceptionally smart.


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