As our brightest light, Ultra Bright LED produces broad dimmable beams to help you illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces. They’re perfect for nighttime security and lighting large areas like garages and basements.

Ultra Bright LED Family Packaging
Ultra Bright LED Energy Efficient
Energy Saving

Uses less energy—just over two dollars per year—based on a 3-hour-daily usage.

Ultra Bright LED Long-lasting

Rated to last over 13 years based on a 3-hour-daily usage.

Ultra Bright LED Exceptional Brightness
Exceptional Brightness

Provides more light in your home without replacing or adding a light fixture in places like vaulted ceilings, backyards, driveways, rooms with one light fixture, or large spaces like garages and basements.

Available in a range of sizes & wattages

Ultra Bright LED Variety of Sizes

Brighter than standard bulbs

Standard Bulb PAR38 Outside
Ultra Bright LED PAR38 Outside
Ultra Bright LED
Standard Bulb

Use Ultra Bright LED all around your home

Ultra Bright LED Outdoors
Ultra Bright LED Floor and Table Lamps
Floor and Table Lamps
Ultra Bright LED Recessed Lighting
Recessed Lighting
Ultra Bright LED Chandeliers and Sconces
Chandeliers and Sconces

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