Control with your voice

“Hey Google, set
living room to
party room.”

Party in a Pinch
eye See How

upstairs off.”

Control With Your Voice

“Hey Google, turn
on monster-free
zone scene.”


How it all works

Register your products

Start by registering each device in the Cync App, powered by Savant, by following the on-screen prompts.

Smart Speakers

Pair them to your
smart assistant

After you’re set up in the app, all Direct Connect Smart Bulbs, Smart Switches, and Smart Plugs are made to instantly connect to Google and Alexa voice assistants right out of the box—with no hub needed. Simply select the Cync products that you want to control by voice and pair with your Google or Alexa voice assistant through the prompts in the Cync App.


Enjoy voice control

Now, simply use your voice to control lights and devices—from turning on all of the lights in your open floor plan to turning off your flat iron. Welcome to your hands-free home.


Want voice control?
You’ll need an assistant.

Enable voice control by pairing your compatible Cync products with a Hey Google product through the Cync App.

Enable voice control by pairing your compatible Cync products with an Amazon Alexa product through the Cync App.

Smart voice commands
to get you started.

“Hey Google, set lights to 25%.”

“Hey Google, make lights dimmer.”

“Hey Google, set lights to candlelight.”

“Hey Google, set lights to daylight.”

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”Alexa, dim lights to 50%.”

”Alexa, make lights brighter.”

”Alexa, set lights to soft white.”

”Alexa, set lights to sunset.”

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