See how our closest light to natural

sunlight can brighten your life.

Wake up refreshed
and ready for the day.

Our lightbulb moment? Seeing how sun filled™ LED may help maintain the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle — when you sleep well, you feel well, and your best self can fill the day.

Blue light triggers alertness

When your eyes absorb blue light, it suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle.

Less blue light, more melatonin

By limiting the blue peak in the light spectrum, sun filled™ LED assists in the natural production of melatonin, helping the body and mind prepare to sleep.

Better sleep, better you

Adequate levels of melatonin can help your body get the rest it needs so you can perform at your best.

How it works

sun filled™ LED light technology limits the blue peak in the light spectrum to more closely replicate natural sunlight.

Bring sunlight inside

The Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI measures the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colors of objects, on a scale of 0-100. So, a banana under a 100 CRI light would appear in its most true-to-life color. 

True-to-life color

These bulbs closely replicate natural sunlight, with a CRI of 97 (sunlight = 100 CRI), resulting in lighting that looks great. 

Sun filled hero 2

Natural light color,
all day long

Unlike other sleep-focused solutions, there’s no programming needed with sun filled™ LED. Its blue peak-free light can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Less energy, longer lasting

sun filled™ LED bulbs use just 10.5 watts of energy and last 13 years (based on 3 hours per day usage). Bringing true-to-life light to your home for the long haul.

Available in the following

*sun filled™ LED bulbs provide 97 CRI (Color Rendering Index) minimum R9 80,
as compared to natural sunlight at 100 CRI.