Smart Home Gift Guide – Best Products for the Ultimate Smart Home

Smart Home Gift Guide – Best Products for the Ultimate Smart Home
08 December, 2020

Last updated on 4 April, 2024

For most people on your holiday shopping list, one decently priced gift should do the trick. But there are always a few people—like your parents, grandparents, or kids—who deserve a little something extra. A nice gift paired with an equally nice gift that works together to bring them joy, comfort, and convenience.

Fortunately, in addition to being fantastic standalone gifts, CYNC’s family of smart products can greatly enhance other worthy ideas. And with this blog, we’re going to give you some top-tier pairings for those deserving loved ones. Ready? Let’s get started.

Voice Assistant + CYNC Products

By now, most people own a voice assistant or two in their home. For those late adopters who don’t, it’s an easy gateway into the smart home world that can be enhanced with another simple and compatible smart product—like Cync.

Here are a few that pair perfectly.

  • CYNC Full Color Direct Connect Full Color Bulbs and Light Strips
    Give them the gift of using their voice to control millions of colors with our CYNC Dynamic Effects products. Our Dynamic Effects Full Color Bulbs and Light Strips sync with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices right out of the box—with no hub or bridge needed. It’s an easy setup that allows your recipient to change between light colors and activate light shows or music sync without walking over to a switch. Plus, they’ll be able to enjoy other smart features, such as out-of-home control, scheduling, and more. With millions of colors to choose from, it’s quite literally a gift that keeps on giving.
  • CYNC Smart Thermostat
    Any homeowner is conscious of energy-usage. So by adding a CYNC Smart Thermostat with your voice assistant, you’ll provide them enhanced control of their home’s temperature. Not only can they control the thermostat from anywhere using their voice or in the Cync Smart Home App, but it allows your loved ones to set schedules, and even adjust the temperature while they’re away from home. It’s a practical and perfect pairing.
Person using voice assistant to control their Cync Smart Thermostat

Video Game Console + CYNC Full Color Light Strips

It goes without saying: video game consoles are an extremely popular holiday gift item. So, if you have one (or more) console-loving people on your list, may we recommend throwing in some CYNC Full Color Light Strips to take your gift to the next level. They feature a simple peel-and-stick backing so they’re easy to install. And with one touch of the Cync App, your gamer will be able to turn a run-of-the-mill bedroom or basement into an immersive game room experience. Plus, our Full Color Light Strips go beyond building a perfect gaming vibe to feature a full white scale of light temperatures for an everyday glow.

But be warned: with this gift combo, they may never leave their room.

Game Room with Cync Full Color Light Strips

Oil Diffuser + CYNC Smart Plug

The only thing better than an occasional spa weekend is getting pampered every day. So, give the gift of deep, relaxing breaths by pairing an oil diffuser with a CYNC Indoor Smart Plug.

The lucky recipient will be able to schedule their diffuser to turn on at specific times of the day, so they can simultaneously wake up and unwind to the relaxing scent of essential oils. Ahhhh—isn’t that nice?

Diffuser controled by Cync Indoor Smart Plug

Garden Fountain + CYNC Outdoor Smart Plug

We know it’s easy to overlook outdoor enjoyment this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from a gift pairing that gives your loved one something to look forward to. For example, a nice garden fountain can enhance the charm in any garden or patio space. And if you want to make it a whole lot simpler and smarter, pick up a CYNC Outdoor Smart Plug.

Built for any weather, this simple device opens a world of smart possibilities for their new décor. They can turn it on and off from anywhere (even from inside when it’s raining). They can set a schedules to make sure they don’t accidentally leave it on all night. And if they want to improve their patio space even more, they can buy one more Outdoor Smart Plug for their string lights, and pair the two plugs together for one-touch patio-perfection.

garden fountain using outdoor smart plug

Houseplant + LED Grow Light

Finally, here’s a gift combo that’s sure to please. Anyone who’s anyone loves a little greenery in their home. Houseplants are an indoor connection to nature that can reduce stress and improve your aesthetics. Plus, they make a great gift—especially when coupled with our LED Grow Light. Sure, this is GE’s only non-smart product in this blog, but this combo is a simple way to surprise and delight nearly anybody on your shopping list. Our LED Grow Lights put out a pleasing light quality so greenspaces can be started anywhere in a home. And by emitting a high number of micromoles, our grow lights provide more photosynthesis for plants to thrive.

LED Grow Lights in Bedside Plant

Wrap Up

It’s clear, our products are compatible with other gift ideas and people on your list. And even though it’s better to give than to receive, there’s no shame in picking up a few of these no-fail options for yourself. (We won’t tell!)

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