With light shows, music sync, millions of colors and white tones, and more, our Full Color Light Strips allow you to customize your spaces in endless ways.

Our Full Color Light Strip allows you to:
Set schedules Icon
Control away from home Icon
Control with your voice* Icon
Choose from preset light shows or customize your own
Sync your music or sounds with music sync**
Dim and brighten
Choose from millions of colors
Cut and connect up to 64 feet
Install easily with peel-and-stick backing

* Voice assistant required.
** Only available with Dynamic Effects Light Strips.

Make every space pop with light shows.

With our NEW, highly anticipated CYNC light shows, you can give your Full Color Light Strips the ability to perform colorful light shows—which include presets and a create-your-own light show feature.

Add colorful rhythm to Dynamic Effects Light Strips.

Our NEW Dynamic Effects Light Strips can sync to your own music or sound so you can add a pulse to your color palette. Choose from multiple preset music shows or customize your own in the Cync App.

Living Room Mantle with Rainbow Strip Lights

No more “one color
at a time.”

With Dynamic Effects Light Strips, you can utilize the segments of your strips to enjoy multiple colors at the same time.

Full Color Room with App overlay

Experience millions of color options and white tones.

Dynamic Effects Indoor Light Strip

Customize the length.
Install with ease. 

Connect multiple extensions for a longer
strip (maximum 64 feet).

Cut your strip to the perfect length.

Use peel-and-stick back or the clips included
to easily install anywhere.

Two different light strips.
So many benefits.


Full Color Dynamic Effects Light Strip

Full Color Direct Connect Light Strip


16 Million Colors and White Tones
Light Shows
Color Segments
Music Syncing
Outdoor-Rated Version
Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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