How Do Smart Bulbs Work with Switches (Regular or Smart)?

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How Do Smart Bulbs Work with Switches (Regular or Smart)?
20 September, 2023

Curious about smart home technology, but not sure where to begin? Smart light bulbs effortlessly add magic to your home. With millions of colors, dimming capabilities, and the ability to sync to your TV or music, these bulbs change your home’s ambience and function as fast as you can screw them in.

And the fun doesn’t stop there: direct connect smart bulbs connect easily to the Cync App right out of the box. You’ll be able to set lighting schedules and scenes, as well as unlock voice and out-of-home control using Google Home or Amazon Alexa. No hub, no bridge, no problem. Essentially, smart bulbs make it so that your whole house can operate at the sound of your speech — or through the app. 

Both regular switches and smart switches work with smart bulbs, but which switch is best? What are their differences? Let’s find out.

Smart switches pair seamlessly with your smart bulb through the Cync App, powered by Savant. No electrician required!

Regular switches, on the other hand, require a little more attention and are the more cut-and-dry option. 

How Does a Regular Switch Differ From a Smart Switch? 

As you know, a regular switch is hard wired and must be flipped ‘on’ to power any type of light. It relies solely on electricity to work.

A smart switch makes turning on a light bulb even easier. This is because it can be controlled from more than one source — through electric power or through the Cync smart home App. Smart switches also have the power to make any normal light bulbs smart.

How Do Smart Bulbs Work With Regular Switches? 

You can only change the light’s colors, access the dimming features, or use voice control when your regular switch is physically flipped ‘on.’ If your regular switch is turned ‘off,’ no electricity is flowing to the bulb, so it will not fully function.

While you can easily connect and manage your smart light bulbs with a flip of a regular light switch, you may find a more brilliant experience with a smart switch.

How Do Smart Bulbs Work With Smart Switches?

Smart switches can control smart bulbs while they are on another circuit. So, for example, your bedroom light switch can control your living room lamp — even if the lamp isn’t typically controlled by the switch. This eliminates the issue of someone accidentally turning the light switch off and cutting the smart control of the smart bulb. The smart switch keeps the smart bulb powered on, so you can continue to control it in the app.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Switches? 

Smart switches still work even if they are physically switched ‘off.’ Since they are not hard wired, you don’t have to physically turn the smart switch on and off, and it can be controlled from anywhere. Meaning, if you are out and about, you can power your lights on and off using the Cync App.

So, these intelligent switches save more energy (and allow for more interconnectivity) than your traditional on/off click-click switches.

Do I Need a Smart Switch for a Smart Bulb? 

No. While you do not need a smart switch for a smart bulb, having one helps with interconnectivity throughout your household. Because even if you are using traditional or non-smart bulbs,the smart switch has the power to make any product smart.

Let’s just put it this way: by connecting your smart bulbs, smart switches, and smart plugs, not only can you adjust each room’s lighting, but you can control your ceiling fan, space heater, TV, and tunes — all without leaving your bed. With smart switches, your days start and end bright.

The smart plug allows you to control traditionally electric-powered devices with your voice through the Cync App, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

With options for either an Indoor Smart Plug or an Outdoor Smart Plug, the possibilities of connectivity are endless. The Indoor Smart Plug is perfect for those times you forget to power off your space heater before leaving the house. And once you’re out and about, the Outdoor Smart Plug allows you to turn on your garden’s string lights for a grand entrance back home. While you’re at home, you can connect the smart plug with a smart remote to easily power your products on and off.

Smart Bulb or Smart Switch, Which is the Best Option? 

While smart bulbs and smart switches both bring their own unique benefits, determining which is best for you comes down to space, scale, and budget.

What type of space are you looking to illuminate? If a particular area of your home could use a vibrancy check, smart bulbs might be your go-to. Smart bulbs give you the ability to play with color, with millions of colors to choose from.

What is the size of this room? If it’s vast, the smart switch might be the best option for you. You can connect your traditional lighting to one single smart switch for harmonious function in your space.

Budget is also a factor. Smart switches allow you to make any of your existing light bulbs and fixtures smart. So, if you want to keep your current light bulbs and have them work together, the smart switch is your new best friend.

Both smart bulbs and smart switches present some perks for convenience, too. The peel-and-stick smart switch can go anywhere in your home to control your smart bulbs. Under the cabinet. In the closet. On the fridge. Anywhere. It can be as discreet or as “Hey, look at me!” as you want it to be. On the other hand, smart bulbs are the quickest, easiest way to get instant smart benefits. If you are new to the wonderful world of smart home technology, smart bulbs might be your best choice.

At the end of the day, it’s nice to shut off the lights with ease. And both will help you get to sweet dreams faster.

Do Smart Bulbs Work With Three-Way Switches?

Yes, and it is even simpler than you think! You can connect two Cync Smart Switches to be controlled in the Cync App. Then, you can create your three-way switch setup switch without hard wiring it.

Enjoy Your Smart Home. 

Whichever way you choose to power up your smart bulbs, you’ll be pleased with the color-changing, convenience-allowing, entertainment-syncing results.

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