To get the best dimming performance from your LED light bulbs and LED Fixtures we recommend the following:

  1. Ensure that your dimmer is rated for LED or CFL loads and has a low-end trim or calibration.  Follow the dimmer manufacturer’s instructions to set the low-end dimming.
  2. Older Incandescent/Halogen TRIAC dimmers are not recommended for use with LED bulbs and LED Fixtures.
  3. Ideally replace all LED bulbs controlled by a specific dimmer circuit at the same time and re-use bulbs in other locations; Bulb dimming performance is constantly being improved and older generations may have different low-end dimming characteristics.

Most commonly available LED dimmers that have shown no flickering at very low light levels in internal testing:

  • Cync and C by GE: All models
  • Legrand: Radiant (RHCL453)
  • Leviton: Sureslide (6633, 6672)
  • Lutron: LED+ dimmers (DVCL-153, LECL-153, MACL-153)
  • Lutron: Maestro Sensor (MSCL-OP153P)
  • Lutron: Caseta (PD-6WCL)

For more dimmers and specific recommendations for your lights use the detailed product listing PDF below:

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