With a touch of the remote (no app required), you can choose between soft white, daylight, and 8 additional colors. LED+ Color is perfect for parties, holidays, creating the right mood, or simply adding a little color to your life.

LED+ Color
scene-background-0 scene-background-1 scene-background-2 scene-background-3 scene-background-4 scene-background-5 scene-background-6 scene-background-7 scene-background-8 scene-background-9

Experience all
10 colors.

LED+ | No Hub

No hub or Wi-Fi
equals easy installation

Screw in these bulbs in seconds and use the remote for simple control. No app needed. They’re compatible with fixtures that require a general purpose A19/21, floodlight BR30, or 6-inch recessed lighting fixture.

Available in the following: