The Best Smart Home Device Pairings for Your Smart Home Ecosystem

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The Best Smart Home Device Pairings for Your Smart Home Ecosystem
20 November, 2022

The best part about creating a smart home? The opportunities are endless! Whether you’re just starting out with smart lighting or you’re a full-blown techie with the latest and greatest equipment, there are always ways to optimize your living spaces to your exact preferences. That’s where Cync comes in—this ecosystem can cover your entire home, indoors and out, with smart home devices that work together seamlessly. And you don’t even need the newest build, either. We have options that extend to century homes and retro styles so that every house can truly become a smart haven.

Here, we’ll show you some of our favorite ways to pair smart devices and explain how to make the most of these dynamic duos.

Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs

One of the simplest ways to start out is to install your LED Smart Bulbs in fixtures that are connected to Smart Plugs. This will let you schedule your bulbs to turn on and off at the same time every day. Say, for example, that you want to make sure you always get a warm welcome when you return from work. You can set your lights to the exact scene you like and enter happily into your well-lit space. If you’re on vacation, you can continue your lighting schedules and enjoy an extra sense of security knowing it’ll still look like someone’s home.

Plus, keep in mind that our Indoor Smart Plug will add smart capabilities to any device that’s plugged in—like your hair straightener, your coffee maker, your desk fan, or other small appliances. This means you can control them from anywhere and eliminate all of those “Did I turn off the toaster oven?” worries.

Smart Switches and Remotes

Next up: a way to adjust your lights without getting up. Sounds like heaven, right? With our Smart Switches and Remotes, you can customize your space to your exact liking—with minimal effort.

Pair all of your Cync Smart Bulbs and devices with the remote, and get handy, one-touch control of everything. Dim or brighten lights or turn them on and off. All we know is, it will definitely end that “I’m too cozy to leave bed” internal dilemma. It even has a magnetic backing so you won’t lose it!

Plus, these devices give you instant control of smart bulbs and traditional bulbs without a hub, which will help reduce clutter and streamline your ecosystem.

And if you want to go beyond the one-touch control of the remote, try a motion sensor light switch! These fixtures automatically turn on the lights when they detect movement. So whether you’re struggling with groceries or balancing a laundry basket, they’re happy to lend a helping hand.

Smart Cameras and Smart Sensors

This pairing goes out to anyone who enjoys a little extra peace of mind. We have smart cameras to cover your interior and exterior spaces. Whether you want to check in on the kids from the other side of the house or keep an eye out for a heavily anticipated package, these smart devices offer you an unmatched look anywhere.

And when you combine them with our smart sensors, you'll have a whole new view of what's going on at your home. The motion sensor will send you an alert when it picks up on movement outside, and you can double check with the view from your smart camera.

Smart Thermostat and the CYNC App

Every house has that person who likes to control the thermostat. But thanks to our smart thermostat, you can end those conflicts once and for all. Use the Cync App, powered by Savant, to schedule different temperatures throughout the day. You can cut down on air conditioning or heat when no one’s around, then turn it back on before you leave the office to ensure you come back to your house just the way you like it. Not only is this great news for your comfort, but it’s a great, simple way to reduce your energy usage and help the environment.

How Do I Integrate All My Smart Home Devices?

Our family of smart products works together in one easy-to-use app to add comfort, security, and convenience to your life. The Cync smart home app lets you schedule, control, and customize your smart devices. This means it’s your go-to resource for everything from tuning the color of your lights to turning on your ceiling fan!

Can Google and Alexa Work Together?

In case you were wondering if you can mix products, the answer is yes; you can use both Amazon Alexa and Google Home in your house. You’ll want to connect these devices under the same command center (like the Cync App) so that you can benefit from the voice command features they offer.

Whether you’re new to the smart tech game or a seasoned veteran, we hope you love these amazing product pairs. If you want more inspiration, check out the best smart home devices for 2022. And when you want to show off your new setup, post a picture to social media, and be sure to tag us (@GELighting)!