Add a Smart Switch to any room for versatile control of traditional and smart bulbs—even when the switch is off.

CYNC Wired Smart Switches allow you to:
Set schedules Icon
Control away from home Icon
Control with your voice* Icon
Create preset lighting scenes Icon
Group multiple switches together
Connect directly with Amazon Alexa or Hey Google

* Voice assistant required.

Choose the smartest
Smart Switch for you.

All are available in no neutral/neutral versions.

Wired Switch with Motion

Motion + Dimming

Wired Switch with Dimming


Wired Switch


Wired Switch Toggle


Wired Switch Paddle


Convenience, Comfort & Security

Makes ordinary bulbs smart
Set schedules
Control away from home
Preset lighting scenes
Hands-free voice control (requires voice assistant)
Works with Alexa without a Hub
Works with Hey Google without a Hub
Works with HomeKit with C-Reach Smart Bridge
Keeps CYNC Smart Bulbs always connected
Whole-room one-touch control with Cync bulbs & plugs
Built-In Features

Motion sensing
Ambient light detection
Dimming control
Light ring indicator
Installation Options

Replace traditional single-pole switches
3-way compatible without a travel wire
Group multiple switches, even on different circuits
Installation Requirements & Protocol

No neutral wire required (3-wire)*
Requires neutral (white or gray) wire (4-wire)
Requires Wi-Fi connection
Set up & control through the Cync App

*Included Bulb Adaptor may be required for some installations

How Smart Switches

enhance your lifestyle.

Control With Your Voice

Voice and out-of-home control out of the box

Pair our Wired Smart Switches with Amazon Alexa or Hey Google for voice and out-of-home control right out of the box. No hub required.


Make traditional
bulbs smart 

Get smart control of incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs—including our premium Vintage LED series and our best quality of light, Reveal HD+. 

Switches - Set the Mood

Set the mood with
smooth dimming

Smart Switches with dimming capabilities* allow to you create the perfect mood with optimal brightening and dimming.

* Only Smart Switch + Dimming and Smart Switch + Motion + Dimming

Entry Motion

Enjoy motion and ambient light detection

Smart Switches with motion sensing* turn lights on based on motion and the natural light detected, turn lights off automatically to save energy, and prevent pets from turning lights on at night with a “Do Not Disturb” mode.

* Only Smart Switch + Motion Sensing + Dimming

Never come home to a dark house

Light on your schedule

Automate your lights to turn on exactly when you need them and off when you don’t—whether it’s for savings, security, or a simple convenience.

Switches - So Many Ways to Control

So many ways to control.

Our Wired Smart Switches give you multiple ways of controlling your lights—from voice command to motion sensing.

Set up is simple

If you have 30 minutes, follow the steps in this video for an easy DIY installation.

Two easy-to-install
Smart Switches.

For most common residential wiring.

4-wire switch

Use our neutral wire (4-wire) switch for newer homes (built after the 1980s)

3-wire Switch

Our No Neutral Wire (3-Wire) switches work in most home, including older homes without a neutral wire present.

More options for
more control

One Touch Wireless
Room Control

Control all Cync bulbs and
devices from one switch.

Wireless 3-Way

​​​​​​Connect multiple switches without
a hard-wired connect or travel wire.

Control Lights From
Other Rooms

Control a light that’s not wired on
the same circuit. Ex. Use your hallway
switch to control a kitchen light.

Reasons to switch
to our smart switches.

Whole Room

One touch controls a whole room

Group lights and devices onto your switch or remote in the app and get simple one-touch control of large areas.

Switches and Remotes - Always Ready

Smart lights are always ready

Control your lights any time even when they’re turned off at the switch.

Always see a step ahead

Wireless 3-way control

Add any two Cync Smart Switches and group them in the app for 3-way control of any large space.

Switches and Remotes - No Hub Needed

No hub required

Smart switches and remotes give you instant control of smart bulbs and traditional bulbs without a hub.

Available products

C by GE - Smart Home

Our family of smart products works together in one app to add comfort, security, and convenience to your life.