Place a Wireless Smart Switch on any wall in your house for convenient control of lights and devices.

CYNC Wireless Smart Switches give you:
Easy peel-and-stick installation
Control of Cync smart devices
The freedom to put a switch anywhere
The ability to group more than one switch
Replaceable battery power (2+ year life)
Poster - Add Anywhere

Add a Wireless
Switch anywhere

As a battery-powered switch, you don’t need an electrical box to install. Simply peel off the back and stick it on any wall in your house for smart control.

Wire-Free Switch - Back
Wire-Free Switch - Pair

Get one-touch control

When you pair your Wireless Smart Switch with our other smart products in the Cync App, powered by Savant, you can get simple one-touch control of lights and devices.

Wire-Free Switch - Control Light Temperature

Control light

Pair your Wireless Smart Switch* with CYNC Tunable White Smart Bulbs to adjust your lights from cool and refreshing to warm and cozy—right at the switch.

* Wireless Smart Switch with Color Control required

Experience all
the smart benefits.

Whole Room

One touch controls a whole room

Group lights and devices onto your switch or remote in the app and get simple one-touch control of large areas.

Switches and Remotes - Always Ready

Smart lights are always ready

Control your lights any time even when they’re turned off at the switch.

Always see a step ahead

Wireless 3-way control

Add any two Cync Smart Switches and group them in the app for 3-way control of any large space.

Switches and Remotes - No Hub Needed

No hub required

Smart switches and remotes give you instant control of smart bulbs and traditional bulbs without a hub.

Available products

C by GE - Smart Home

Our family of smart products works together in one app to add comfort, security, and convenience to your life.