Small switches, big savings

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Small switches, big savings
05 October, 2020

Happy Energy Star Month to all who celebrate—which, we hope, is everyone! After all, there are so many small changes you can make around your house to make it more energy-efficient, not to mention wallet-friendly. Here are a few of our favorites.

Host disconnect breaks 

If you’re aiming to reconnect, first disconnect. Try to enact nightly screen-free time in your household for, well, however long it can last. If everyone commits to analog entertainment for an hour per day, you can see a dip in your energy bill—and an uptick in treasured family time. (Or, okay, at least you’ll get some good board game action.) 

Switch your bulbs

Quickly swap your traditional bulbs for LED ones, and you’ll reap the benefits for as long as 13 years! After all, our LED bulbs give off the same amount of light you’re used to, while using way less energy. And because you don’t have to replace them as often, they prevent environmental waste, too. 

Unplug as needed

Most electronics don’t need to be charged overnight—in fact, sometimes overcharging can even harm batteries. Before you hit the hay, do a quick walk through to unplug anything you won’t need until the morning. Then you can rest easy knowing the energy savings will add up as you sleep. 

Automate when possible

We get it—people are constantly winding through your home, oftentimes leaving lit but empty rooms in their wake. The C by GE Motion Sensor turns on lights when it senses movement, and turns them off when everything’s at a stand still. It’s a kid-proof way that’ll reduce the energy use of even the most forgetful among us. 

So let’s observe Energy Star Month this October—and enjoy the lower bills all year round.