Mood Lighting – How to Set the Mood With Light 

Setting the mood with Light
Mood Lighting – How to Set the Mood With Light 
02 January, 2018

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Last updated on 27 February, 2024

Your house reflects your design sensibilities down to the last throw pillow. The nesting dolls from a trip to Scandinavia are all lined up on the corner of your dresser, and the vintage vase you found at the flea market is brimming with fresh-cut flowers. There’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

So, you’re done decorating.

But are you?

What Is Mood Lighting?

Mood lighting is the use of different lighting techniques, colors, and intensities to create a specific ambience or atmosphere in a space. The goal is to evoke certain emotions or set a particular mood. For example, warm, dim lighting can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, while bright colorful lights can bring a lively and energetic vibe. 

Why Lighting Matters When Setting the Mood

There are a lot of elements that make a difference when creating a room vibe—from the color of your paint to your furniture choices. But with lighting, you can change how room feels regardless of these other factors.

Fortunately, GE has a line of high-definition lighting that matches the right light to each space in your house.

Maybe you’re skeptical of applying an adjective usually associated with TVs to your lighting system, but high-definition light is a real thing! GE’s HD bulbs have a higher CRI, or Color Rendering Index—which means they deliver greater color contrast and boldness than a standard bulb.

Making the change to HD light bulbs is an easy task, made even easier thanks to GE’s room-by-room system. Just think: with a few twists, you can transform any space in your house. GE’s HD bulbs come in three different tones, with each tone corresponding to a room that benefits most from that kind of light.

You can use your lights to set the mood you’re going for in each individual area, whether it’s a clean, natural feel or a more intimate atmosphere. 

Do Mood Lights Really Work?

Yes, it’s true. Mood lights really do work! In fact, they provide multiple benefits that go beyond enhancing the ambience. Here are a few extra ways mood lighting can improve your life:

  • Stress Reduction: Soft, dim lighting can create a relaxing environment that helps you feel calmer.
  • Improved Focus: Brighter lighting with cooler tones can enhance alertness and concentration, which is perfect for workspaces and other areas where you need to focus.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Highlighting architectural features, artwork, and more can add visual interest and depth to a room.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Since most mood lighting options today use LED technology, you can easily reduce your energy costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

Best Mood Lighting

Of course, GE Lighting has the very best mood lighting products available. In fact, our revolutionary HD series gives you top-of-the-line mood lighting options and feature exceptional color contrast and boldness, as well as a unique, room-specific shopping experience.

And not only do they set the perfect mood, but they’ll help your wallet in the long run. Our HD LED bulbs last for 13 years, saving you as much as $81 on energy bills per bulb.

Here are the bulbs in our HD LED series:


reveal® HD+ LED bulb is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, craft and hobby rooms, and any other space where details matter and clarity counts. What makes it GE’s best quality of light? Well, it contains a rare mineral called Neodymium, which, when added to the light bulb, creates a stronger separation in the way your eye views reds and greens. Colors appear more vivid and whites even more brilliant.


Are you going for a cooler, more energizing vibe? Reach for our refresh™ HD LED bulb. The invigorating daylight temperature brings out the best cooler colors and is ideal for home offices, playrooms, and laundry rooms. You can even improve Mother Nature herself and bring these bulbs outside. Truly an asset to any active space, refresh™ will keep you moving.


Enjoying some down time? Turn on your relax™ HD LED bulbs. The warm light temperature emphasizes richer colors like red and gold, which makes it perfect for cozy, low-key spaces—including bedrooms, dining rooms, and family rooms. The soft white light of relax™ will make every moment more comfortable.

Color-Changing LED Lighting

In recent years, mood lighting has grown to include seemingly endless options thanks to color-changing LED lighting. Our most notable product is our Cync Full Color Dynamic Effects Bulbs and Light Strips, which give you millions of color options to help you create the ideal atmosphere for your needs. They also include smart features in the Cync Smart Home App such as music sync and light shows, so you can put your favorite colors and songs in motion.

Or if you want some of the benefits of smart control without an app or hub, pick up our LED+ Color bulbs and get remote control of multiple colors and moods simply by screwing in a light bulb.

LEDs With Built-In Speakers

Want to add some audio to the visual vibe you created? Our LED+ Speaker bulbs connect to Bluetooth™ right out of the box so you can stream all your favorite songs, podcasts, and more. It’s everything you love about a sound system, minus exposed wires. Plus, there’s no hub or app needed.

Sunlight Light Bulbs

Last, but certainly not least, did you know there are mood lighting options that actually help maintain your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle? It’s true! Because taking in blue light triggers alertness, our sun filled™ LED bulb contains a limited amount of it—helping you naturally produce melatonin. This gets your body and mind ready to fall asleep, so you can wake up refreshed the next day. 

Wrap Up

As you can see, creating the right vibe in your home is as simple as knowing the best bulb for the job. And fortunately, at GE Lighting, we have everything you need.

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