Kids’ Bedroom Lighting Ideas, Tips & Tricks

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Kids’ Bedroom Lighting Ideas, Tips & Tricks
12 May, 2022

Step aside, grown-ups! Nowadays, interior design isn’t reserved just for adults but for kids too! With so many new, kid-friendly products and awesome capabilities, there are easy ways to customize rooms for every member of your family

And because there are so many options, you can get your kids involved in creating their ideal space for playing, learning, and growing. Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for kids’ bedroom lighting.

Lighting for Creativity

Whether you have a toddler or a teen, kids love to change their minds. Luckily, our CYNC Full Color Smart Bulbs can help keep up with their ever-evolving moods. These colored light bulbs come with over one million color options—and of course, that includes a standard white spectrum too.

This wide range makes for some very fun possibilities. If their rooms double as homework hubs, kids can adjust the bulbs to match the subject they’re studying. These vibrant lights add an engaging element to story time, too, and offer an easy way to get kids excited about reading. And if your youngsters are just enjoying some well-deserved downtime, the lights can be tuned to reflect the palette of their favorite movie or video game.

Kids’ Bedroom Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can add the perfect accent to any space. For a luxurious tone, mini chandeliers are ideal for a classic, elegant-looking theme, while woven raffia lights can enhance a jungle or bohemian style. And more modern lighting fixtures can bring a space theme even further to life.

For the perfect finishing touch—or as an alternative to those bigger statement pieces—we know you and your kids will love our CYNC Full Color Light Strips. These bedroom LED strip lights are super easy to install: just stick and peel. Then tune them to over one million color options. (Bonus tip: They pair perfectly with our CYNC Full Color Smart Bulbs mentioned above!)

These lights are extra special because they can be super discreet. Use them to line the underside of desks, nightstands, or dressers for a flair you must see to believe. When it’s time to change things up, go ahead and switch shades for a whole new look.

Fairy Lights

At any age, you can add a touch of magic to your kids’ room with some charming fairy lights. Plus, finding the perfect formation is a simple DIY project you can work on together. One of our favorite styles for hanging these lights simply calls for outlining the perimeter of the room where the wall meets the ceiling or try a zig-zag pattern that will cast a warm glow over their entire space.  

Make sure to connect your strings to our CYNC Smart Plug. This product gives smart capabilities to any device, which means you can schedule the fairy lights to turn on at the perfect moment and to automatically turn off when it’s bedtime.

Kids’ Night Lights

Of course, we have to end with a classic. Night lights are great for charting the course to midnight snacks and early morning bathroom trips—not to mention, keeping the monsters away.

Try an LED night light for a long-lasting, ever-assuring glow. Kids can choose from a variety of styles and colors—like a standard ring light or a Himalayan Salt look—for a fixture that will help give them very sweet dreams. Since every option looks so luxe, once kids outgrow them, you can use these night lights to line your hallway or give your kitchen counters some extra shine.

We hope you and your kids love these ideas as much as we do. Once you’ve helped them set up their dream space, post a picture to social media, and be sure to tag us (@GELighting)!