Pair your CYNC Wireless Motion Sensor with Smart Bulbs, Plugs, and Switches for hands-free control of lights and devices.

CYNC Wireless Motion Sensor provides:
Motion control for Cync smart devices
Motion control anywhere in your house
Group together
Battery powered (replaceable, 2+ year life)
No hub required
Easy installation and setup

How our motion
sensor keeps you moving.

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Hands-free Control

Place your motion sensor in a room where you’re most likely to have your hands full—like a laundry room or kitchen. Then pair your sensor with our smart bulbs, plugs, and switches for convenient control. 

Motion Control

Motion Sensing

Schedule your sensor to deactivate during certain hours when light is not needed or to turn lights on dimly at night so you don’t have to navigate a dark hallway.

C by GE Motion Sensor

Ambient Light

CYNC Wireless Motion Sensor detects ambient light and adjusts the room light accordingly for a consistent brightness level.


Long battery life.
Quick installation. 

Whether you place it vertically on a level surface or mount it on your wall, its swivel head allows you to rotate it to the ideal angle. And the 2-year battery life provides long-lasting convenience.

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