Lighting as a Vacation-Ready Tool

Lighting as a Vacation-Ready Tool
07 June, 2019

I like to think we still live in a world where neighbors look out for neighbors. With summer vacations on the horizon, it’s nice to have someone nearby to look over the house while you’re away, whether that’s retrieving mail or watering flowers. One thing fewer people are leaving to chance though is securing their home from unwanted guests.

Before the advent of cameras, motion detectors and home security monitoring, leaving the lights on meant a little extra peace of mind. Even before I worked in the lighting industry, we’d always flip the switch on our way out to a vacation. And even in this era of super connectivity, lighting remains one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to turn on a little extra peace of mind. We’ve just gotten smarter about how to really utilize it while we’re away.

1.      Scheduling: Smart lighting means before you head out the door, you can create schedules in smart lighting apps for lights to come on and off at different times of the day to mimic how you live when someone is home. You can do this with smart light bulbs or install smart switches to control any type of light bulb you already have at home.

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