Accountability—Are You Measuring the Right Things?

Accountability—Are You Measuring the Right Things?
26 February, 2019

This is just about the time when people start falling off their New Year’s Resolutions. All those who vowed to lose weight this year started with good intentions, made some adjustments and have stepped on a scale every day since, many without seeing results. The ones who have succeeded have meticulously counted inputs that contribute to weight loss – how many calories they are consuming, how much exercise they’re logging, how much sleep they are getting.

In the business world, too many organizations spend time simply measuring the numbers on the scale. To make real progress and truly get things done, we all need to be taking a long, hard, ongoing look at the inputs that contribute to them. By measuring the inputs of your desired goals, you will see potential challenges before they become problems. You will make adjustments earlier in the process that will generate the right activity across other areas.

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