LEDs Mean More This Earth Day

Earth Day
LEDs Mean More This Earth Day
22 April, 2019

For years, Earth Day has provided a great platform to remind consumers of the energy-saving benefits of LEDs. This Earth Day, those benefits still ring true – LEDs are 70-90 percent more efficient than incandescent light sources, last more than a decade* and save up to $80 over the life of a bulb* -- but now that’s only part of the reason to make the switch. 

Every day for the past few months, I’ve walked past budding plants and herbs in our building lobby. I live in Cleveland, so growing plants in February and March isn’t something you see every day. But, Mother Nature has found her way indoors in the form of a thriving vegetable and herb garden, not thanks to sunlight, but thanks to LEDs. Our engineers drew on their deep understanding of the light spectrum to create LEDs that allow plants to reach their full growth indoors, sometimes even faster than the time it’d take under direct sunlight. So in this case, switch to LEDs, get great energy savings AND a year-round herb garden.

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