Lighting Reflections, Predictions

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Lighting Reflections, Predictions
29 January, 2018

It’s hard to believe we are already a month into a new year. 2018 promises to be another year of transition in the lighting industry, including ongoing LED growth and smart LED adoption. Here are some of the things we learned last year and some of the things we are watching in ‘18:

1) LED Adoption on the Rise: In the consumer market, sales of LED bulbs are now greater than sales of all other lighting technologies combined. In 2017, consumers began to shift from CFLs and convert to LEDs as prices continued to come down and quality of light increased. LEDs will be the dominating technology this year, but we still have many opportunities to convert. Sixty percent of sockets across the U.S. still contain an inefficient bulb.

2) Brand Matters: In a world where LEDs last a decade or more, consumers are standing behind the quality and reliability of trusted brands. Retailers are backing that up by concentrating branded lighting products on their shelves. You will see an even greater presence of GE this year. As part of our brand tracking, we regularly commission a 3rd party to survey consumers on their lighting preferences—GE came out tops among major brands in terms of being most recommended and most trusted and having the best value and best product quality.

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