How to Create the Look of the National Tree at Home

How to Create the Look of the National Tree at Home
05 November, 2018

GE Lighting has been designing and lighting the National Christmas Tree for 56 years. This year, the tree features a simply stated traditional design brought to life with sparkling mesh red ribbons, hundreds of miniature green holiday lights, graceful white rope lighting, and twinkling, red illuminated sphere ornaments. This year’s tree was designed using GE Lighting products available to consumers, which means anyone can replicate the look in their own homes and share in the tradition of the National Christmas Tree. Here are tips from the National Christmas Tree designer on how you can recreate the lighting for your tree.

1. First step: decorate your tree in green LED string lights. These lights are ENERGY STAR® certified so they use less energy. Make sure the lights are about 6 to 8 inches apart.

2. Use red sparkle deco mesh available at craft stores and online outlets and combine with red miniature lights to make vertical ribbons.

3. Run tape rope lights along the red ribbons.

4. Add red twinkle spheres or red globe ornaments randomly over the tree.

Photo Credit: 2018 National Christmas Tree Lighting/Paul Morigi for the National Park Foundation