How to Hang Rope Lights – Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Rope Lights
How to Hang Rope Lights – Easy Step-by-Step Guide
01 August, 2023

Last updated on 31 October, 2023

Looking to light up your living room? Does your plain patio need a refresh? If you can imagine a unique space in your home that could use a little more life, it is time to hang rope lights.  

What Are Rope Lights?  

Rope lights consist of a series of small LED bulbs encased in a flexible, plastic tube. They feature acrobat-level flexibility to bend around corners and shapes. Rope lights are available in Soft White and RGB, which includes six colors plus white. You can hang rope lights in the tightest nooks because they coil tightly.

What Tools Do I Need to Install Rope Lights? 

Here's what you will need to install rope lights:  

  • Measuring tape
  • Surface cleaner/cloth to dry
  • Ladder
  • Screws
  • Clip accessories (included)

Now that your supplies are laid across the table (or scattered over the floor), you’re ready to get started. Here are some tips on how to hang rope lights:

Step 1: Choose Your Location 

Think outside the living room. While they are traditionally used around curved fixtures or festive trees, you can hang rope lights in your bedroom around your headboard, in your home along steps and stair banisters, or outside on your deck. When choosing a space, don’t overthink it. Rope lights can always be unscrewed and re-hung up in another room that needs a refresh.   

Best Spots for Hanging Rope Lights Outside

Give the sunshine and moonlight some competition. Thanks to their heavy-duty casting, your LED rope lights can survive rain or shine. You can hang your weather-resistant rope lights outside under awnings, along the deck, or on the gutters. The casting will stay clear, and the lights will continue to show off their warm, hazy glow.   

Best Spots for Hanging Rope Lights Inside 

Find a cozy spot to shine. You can hang rope lights inside your bedroom, along your bookshelves, around your stair banisters, on the wall, or even freeform above a gathering space for a conversation starter. Leave no crevice un-accented! 

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Step 2: Dry and Clean the Surface 

Step aside, dust bunnies. Before going any further, clean the area where your rope lights will shine. Thoroughly wipe down any debris and make sure to dry off the freshly cleaned space. 

Great! Now your spot is shiny clean. Get ready, because soon, it will shimmer.   

Step 3: Decide on the Rope Lighting Length 

Put your measuring tape to work! See if you need more of the given rope length. Note: LED rope lights come in 10-foot segments.

Don’t worry if you run out of length; you can link up to 200 feet of additional Soft White rope lights and 100 feet of RGB rope lights from the same power source.  

Step 4: Install Cable Clips  

Hold the clips to the wall, ensuring they are level with one another and spaced evenly, and secure them in place with screws. Once you can tell the clip accessories are sturdy and don’t show signs of falling off the wall, you’re all set.   

Step 5: Secure Lighting in Place  

Your surface is clean. The clips are mounted and ready to shine. You’re getting closer! Can you feel the excitement?  

It’s as simple as it sounds: hang your rope lights up on the mounted clips, securing them firmly until they match your mind’s vision. This may take a few minutes to get right.

Step 6: Plug the Lights In 

Ready…set…lights on. Harsh, sterile lighting, begone!  Enjoy your soothing space, now with an enhanced glow. 

Way to go! You’ve successfully completed the installation of your LED rope lights. Your creativity and perseverance created something stunning.  Now is a great time to look around your space and see if any other rooms could use more vibrance.     

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