Google + CYNC™ =

a smarter smart home

By pairing your Cync or C by GE products with a Google Home device, you can enjoy easy set up, voice control, and all other benefits with no hub needed.

Smartest. Partnership. Ever.

What you need

Cync Bulbs
Cync or C by GE Products

Cync or C by GE Smart Bulbs, Strips, and Plugs can be set up directly with Google devices.

Google Assistant
Google Home or Nest

Connect directly to a Google Home, Google Home Mini or Nest device for voice control of your lights that’s easy to use and set up. No hub needed.

Google Home App
Google Home App

Finally, add your smart devices to your Google Home App. No additional apps needed.

Seamless set up

With no hub needed, you can connect your Cync or C by GE bulbs to your Google Home products in minutes. Watch this short step-by-step video to learn how.

Google Home Assistant

Hands-free control

Google Home products give you voice control of your Cync and C by GE smart lights and plugs. Look mom, no hands.

Bulbs - Away from Home

Out-of-home control

Google Home products connect to your home Wi-Fi network, so you can control your Cync and C by GE lights and plugs from anywhere with an internet connection. Out of home, but in control.

C by GE - Smart Home

Our family of smart products works together in one app to add comfort, security, and convenience to your life.