When you pair a CYNC Room Temperature Sensor with a CYNC Smart Thermostat, you can optimize the comfort in rooms where you need it—like your bedroom or workout room.

Cync Room Temperature Sensor* allows you to:
Set schedules for rooms with sensor
Reduce drafty or hot spots
Track room and temperature humidity

*CYNC Smart Thermostat required

Why is a Room Temperature Sensor a smart solution?

The temperature in most homes is controlled from a fixed location: where the thermostat is. But when you add sensors to different rooms, you can give each space the temperature that works best for you.

Thermostat - Day

Optimal all-day temperature

Add sensors to multiple rooms to create the preferred temperature in the rooms you’re in during different times of the day.

Thermostat - Bed / Comfort

Find your wake-up temp

With the Cync App, you can schedule the CYNC Smart Thermostat to set the right temperature in your bedroom at your wake-up time—for a customized rise and shine.

Thermostat - Entryway

Reduce drafty or hot spots

Average the temperature between your CYNC Smart Thermostat and Sensors to improve temperature consistency throughout your house.

Thermostat - Sensor

Easy installation

CYNC Room Temperature Sensor mounts easily and gently to the wall with removable adhesive or mounting bracket.

Thermostat - Gym

Temp and humidity tracking

Use the Cync App to measure and monitor a room’s temperature and humidity.


CYNC Smart Thermostat required

Our Room Temperature Sensor must be paired with a CYNC Smart Thermostat to work. It connects wirelessly to give you customized control of your temperature.

CYNC Smart Thermostat

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