Meet GE’s First High Definition LED Light Bulbs

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Meet GE’s First High Definition LED Light Bulbs
30 January, 2017

CLEVELAND, Ohio – January 30, 2017 – A home makeover in five minutes simply by changing the lights? It’s possible when you bring high definition to energy-saving lighting.

GE’s new HD light bulbs are engineered with a higher CRI, or color rendering index, for greater color contrast and boldness over an average bulb, meaning the colors and features in each room can look even better. And, they offer all the great energy savings and long lifespan of LEDs.

We created three distinct light options within this series to enhance moods throughout the home in a variety of shapes, sizes and wattages – reveal, relax and refresh.


Warm & Comfortable: RELAX™ HD

Relax HD light offers a warm, soft white light perfect for comfortable moments and cozy spaces. Use Relax light in spaces like bedrooms, family rooms and dining rooms.

Cool & Energizing: REFRESH™ HD

Refresh HD light offers a cool, invigorating light perfect for energizing moments and active spaces. Use Refresh light in playrooms, home office, laundry rooms and even outside.

Pure & Clean: REVEAL® HD+

Reveal bulbs filter out dulling yellow light to give you incredible color contrast PLUS whiter whites for exceptional clarity. Use REVEAL® light in kitchens, bathrooms as well as craft & hobby spaces where clarity matters most.

Consumers know the mood they are trying to create or the room they need to replace bulbs in, but they often struggle with identifying which bulbs meet those needs. Our HD series not only helps them align on mood but puts room recommendations on the front of the package to make decisions even easier. Learn more and see the HD line in action at or

The bulbs are $4-$5 each, and are sold in 2-packs at Target stores.

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