Garden to Table Easier Than Ever with New GE Grow Lights

GE Grow Lights
Garden to Table Easier Than Ever with New GE Grow Lights
17 April, 2019
  • GE Grow lights use a precise LED light spectrum to help plants reach their full growth indoors, potentially even faster than outdoor environments
  • Bulbs and fixtures utilize the same technology that’s been used successfully by commercial farms for years at affordable price points
  • GE’s Grow Lights are great for growing greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers or other plants anywhere inside the home

CLEVELAND, Ohio–April 17, 2019­—Whether it’s for healthier eating, a money saver, or a new hobby, one in three households are growing their own food*. With food gardening at its highest interest level in more than a decade*, consumers are looking for ways to enhance at-home gardening, despite seasonal climate limitations or lack of outdoor space.

The good news is, the right gardening environment can be as simple as screwing in a light bulb. GE technologists applied their deep understanding of the light spectrum and its impact on our environment in developing a new line of indoor GE Grow Lights using the same technology that’s been used successfully by commercial indoor farms for years.

Whether it’s for growing greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers or other plants, GE Grow Lights work great in any area of the home, from a kitchen herb station to a basement workspace.

Science Behind the Spectrum

Plants need light to survive. That light can be created without sunlight, but the right spectrum won’t come from an everyday light bulb. GE’s LED Grow Lights feature a prescribed light spectrum with high Photosynthic Photon Flux (PPF). Within Grow lights, the higher the PPF number, the more light generated for photosynthesis and growth. Within an indoor environment with high PPF, plants can reach their full growth faster than the time it’d take under direct sunlight.

GE’s Grow Lights feature the highest PPF in the industry** with more PPF per watt, combined with greater efficiency. In addition, to maximize the grow cycle, two different light spectrums are offered for the right type of light at the right growth stage.

GE’s Balanced Light spectrum mixes blue and red light to allow plants to absorb the maximum amount of light needed for nourishment for early and mid-stages of plant growth. GE’s Reproductive Red spectrum provides the nourishment for plants entering the flowering or fruiting stage of their growth. Simply switch out the bulbs between stages or add the Reproductive Red light alongside the Balanced Light at the right stage of the grow cycle.

GE Grow Lights are offered in a variety of wattages for different plant needs, including BR30 bulbs with just the right energy for individual green plants or higher-wattage Par38 bulbs where more flowering is occurring. Both are offered in Balanced Light and Reproductive Red models. For indoor gardening trays and racks where fuller coverage is needed, GE offers 2- and 4-foot fixtures and 4-foot T8 tubes in both spectrums.

Natural Light for Your Environment

Unlike other Grow light solutions that emit shades of blue, red or purple, GE’s Grow Lights are engineered to ensure the spectrum works in the background while emitting a natural white light so your indoor garden is pleasant to be around no matter where you decide to grow, from an herb station in your kitchen to plants under pendant lights in the foyer.

Right Light Recipe

How far away to position your lights from your plants is dependent on the type of plant, the light source being used and the PPF of that light source. In general, lights should be positioned 6-12 inches away from the plant. While seedlings or vegetative plants can require as much as 18 hours of light exposure each day, flowering plants benefit from at least 12 hours. Timers or smart plugs can be connected to the lights to help manage or automate these cycles.

Some consumers may wish to start seedlings outdoors and move them inside as it chills or start seedlings indoors ahead of spring or summer gardening and finish the cycle outdoors. Grow times are dependent on the plant. Proper soil composition and the right amount of water for the application will also ensure proper growth.

For more information on GE’s Grow Lights and insights on how to get started, click here.

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