C by GE Full Color Solutions, Smart Switches & Smart Plugs Now Available

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C by GE Full Color Solutions, Smart Switches & Smart Plugs Now Available
21 May, 2019

C by GE Full Color Solutions, Smart Switches & Smart Plugs Now Available

  • Full Color Lights offer the lighting industry’s first Made for Google designation for easy set-up and seamless Google Assistant control
  • Smart Switches in a variety of styles turn ordinary bulbs smart, make smart bulbs even smarter
  • Smart Plug rounds out new introductions to help consumers do more across the home

CLEVELAND, Ohio – May 21, 2019 – First announced at CES, GE Lighting’s new C by GE Full Color Lights, Tunable White bulbs, Smart Switches, and a Smart Plug are now available to help consumers do more at home. All customizable to routines and compatible with the leading voice assistants, these products carry industry-first features and/or partnerships to drive new opportunities across the home.

Full Color Lights

For mood setting every day and entertainment value for holidays, sports celebrations and other moments, C by GE adds Full Color solutions with millions of color options, plus tunable whites, in a 60-watt equivalent A19 bulb, a BR30 for recessed cans and a customizable 80” light strip and 40” light strip extension perfect for creating an elegant glow around counters, cabinets, soffits and other areas.

These solutions can be used individually or grouped within the C by GE app to adjust colors and settings simultaneously across solutions. Set schedules based on routines, from automatically turning on the kids’ favorite color every night to trigger homework time to auto adjusting to a warm, amber glow an hour before bedtime to wind down.

While these products are compatible with Amazon Alexa when paired with the C-Reach Hub, they also carry the lighting industry's first Made for Google designation. This means, without a hub and in just one app (the Google Home app), you can use the Google Home, Google Mini, Google Max or Google Nest Hub to quickly and easily set-up and seamlessly connect and control these solutions.

Users setting up the solutions within the Google Home app will unlock dozens of the most commonly used colors and whites and have the ability to bring color to their favorite Google Assistant scenes (good night, good morning, etc.). Users wishing to go a level deeper to access millions of colors and tunable whites, plus set unique schedules, should configure these solutions within the C by GE app.

The bulbs carry an MSRP of $39.99-$44.99. The light strip has an MSRP of $74.99, with the extension carrying an MSRP of $39.99.

Tunable White Bulbs

Don’t need full color but still want to adjust the white light around the home to create different moods? New Tunable White bulbs not only offer white options for your sleep/wake cycle but can take you from energizing daylight for work to candlelight for a romantic dinner to soft white for relaxing in the family room with dozens of available white color options.

Both a traditional A-line shape, as well as a BR30 for recessed cans, carry the Made for Google designation and also are compatible with Amazon Alexa when using the C-Reach Hub. MSRP $19.99-$24.99 BR30.

Smart Switches

Make any bulb smart with the introduction of new C by GE Smart Switches. Without the need for an additional GE hub, the new smart switches allow consumers to turn on and off, dim*, set schedules and scenes and control at or away from home any brand incandescent, halogen, CFL or LED bulb with their favorite voice assistant, an app, their touch or even their movement.

For C by GE smart bulb users, the switches bring extra benefit by eliminating the need for an external hub and allowing for full control of C by GE bulbs even when the switch is off—an industry first for in-wall smart switches that eliminates an existing challenge of kids or visitors accidentally flipping the switch and disabling full control of smart bulbs.

The switches also offer multi-way connections between each other, allowing whole-room lighting control by grouping bulbs on different circuits wirelessly – no travel wire or complicated set-up required.

In addition to a motion and ambient light dimmer switch, as well as a dimmer switch that launched earlier this year with an industrial design, consumers also can opt for a smart on/off switch in paddle and toggle configurations to blend seamlessly with other toggle/paddle switches across the home. MSRP $34.99-$74.99

On/Off Smart Plug

This Smart Plug makes nearly any electrical item at home smart. Use the Smart Plug with other devices like curling irons, fans and electronic devices to turn them on or off remotely or schedule them to operate around your routine. The Smart Plug connects directly with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices without a hub required. Simply plug into a standard wall socket and you're ready to go. MSRP $24.99

These products are immediately available in various assortments at Walmart, Best Buy and SamsClub.com and will be available on Amazon.com next month.

Check out our "C-ing is Believing" video here.

About C by GE 
GE’s C by GE brand Lights the Way You Live with outcome-driven, all-in-one lighting solutions to solve real-world challenges and tap into new potential at home, enabling homeowners to do more and be better. Part of the GE Lighting portfolio, C by GE products build on the company’s century of innovation and invention. Our deep understanding of the home and our expertise in the connectivity of things results in simple connected designs to help people thrive.

*Requires a compatible dimmable bulb. For a full list of compatible products, visit www.CbyGE.com.

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