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grow light LED

Indoor nature deserves light that appears natural to the eye. Which is why each of our LED Grow Lights is designed to fit a specific plant’s growth stage, while providing quality light and cutting down on energy costs. More green all around.

Different growth stage. Different light.

Balanced Light Spectrum

These bulbs use a balanced red:blue light spectrum that optimizes the seeds and greens stages of growth. Light appears white to the eye.

Suitable for
Flowering/Fruit Production
Different growth stage. Different light.

Advanced Red Spectrum

Featuring a red light spectrum, these bulbs give your vegetation the optimal light for flowering and fruit production. Light appears white to the eye.

Suitable for
Flowering/Fruit Production

Benefits of LED Technology

    Natural Light

    A pleasing, natural light temperature so you can display indoor garden spaces in high traffic areas of your home.

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    Designed To Fit Your Plant’s Growth Stage

    Perfect for all Growth Stages

    Rated for dry and humid conditions with the ability to adapt to high and low light requirements, our Grow Lights provide the flexibility you need to grow a variety of plants.

    Suitable for
    Low light plants
    High Light Plants

    Benefits in Full Bloom

    When you shop for grow lights, it’s important to look at the PPF (Photosynthetic Photo Flux)—which is measured in micromoles per second. Our grow lights provide the highest number of micromoles available — which means your plants will receive more light.

    Experience growth in action.

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