Asia PRE Award - GE Edison Awards | GE爱迪生奖亚洲初选

The GE Edison Award is an annual program, sponsored by GE, recognizes excellence and quality in professional lighting designs that employ significant use of GE Lighting Products, including, but not limited to, GE LED systems, LED luminaires, LED architectural products, LED lamps and modules, lighting controls and non-LED lamps and luminaires ("GE Lighting Products").

GE爱迪生奖是由GE赞助的年度竞赛,该竞赛旨在奖励运用了GE照明产品的优秀专业照明设计,GE照明产品包括并不限于GE LED系统,GE LED 灯具,LED光源和模组,照明控制和其他灯具等。

Asia will run a qualification competition called the Pre Award as an incentive to designers in Asia to better promote their design work and gain global recognition. By collating and reviewing the excellent lighting designs occurring throughout Asia, we'll be better placed to support the Asian winner into the Global Edison award for 2014.


Entry Standard

  • Entries within Event Timeline
  • The installation must be completed after January 1, 2012
  • Projects must exhibit significant use of GE light sources (lamps and/or LEDs)
  • Online entry submissions(refer to submission page)


  • 在规定时间内提交完整材料
  • 所申报项目须在2012年1月后完成
  • 项目使用了大量的GE照明产品
  • 网上提交材料(参见submission page)

Judging Criteria

  • Functional excellence
  • Architectural compatibility
  • State-of-the-art lighting products and techniques
  • Appropriate color, form and texture revelation
  • Energy effectiveness
  • Cost effectiveness


  • 功能优异性
  • 建筑匹配性
  • 优异的照明产品和技术
  • 合适的色彩和纹理展示
  • 节能
  • 性价比