Spectral Power Distribution Curves

Spectral Power Distribution Curves Graph.

Spectral Power Distribution Curves (SPD) provide the user with a visual profile of the color characteristics of a light source. They show the radiant power emitted by the source at each wavelength or band of wavelengths over the visible region (380 to 760 nm).

  • Incandescent Lamps and Natural Daylight produce smooth, continuous spectra.

  • High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID) produce light in discrete lines or bands (used in spectral analysis to identify or fingerprint the material producing the light).

  • Fluorescent Lamps produce a combined spectrum -- a continuous or broad spectra from their phosphor, plus the line spectra of the mercury discharge.

In general, continuous spectra or very full-line spectra produce less distortion of object colors than a few discrete lines.

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