115 Years of Tungsram

Past and Future

There are few things in the world, of which we can say that it’s 115 years old. If a brand name remains on top for such a long time, it’s impossible not to notice such an unbelievable achievement.

The Tungsram brand in 2011 reached this incredible age, demonstrating that it is still a household name in the lighting industry and in daily life.

This anniversary has given us the opportunity to reminisce upon the successes achieved in recent years. Since October last year a permanent exhibition in GE Lighting’s Budapest plant represents the company's commitment to tradition. The re-launched website www.tungsram.hu enable us to share our memories with visitors, but we can also look into the future of lighting technology. In order to address future challenges GE-Tungsram considers protecting the environment as one of its most important values and it is also a key factor in the whole production process.

At the same time, with the 115th anniversary of Tungsram on 13 October we opened our Lighting Experience Centre, which not only showcases the latest products, but it also reveals the diversity of lighting for guests walking through the showroom. The site’s details are here about our company's history.