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Founded in 1933, the Lighting Institute at historic Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio, was the first facility of its type in the world devoted solely to the teaching of lighting.

Lighting Education
The importance and value of education and training have never been more important. The challenges of energy and environmental management require solutions with the latest technologies that can drive operating efficiencies and profitability.

Our Visitors
Today, more than 4000 visitors a year experience the Lighting Institute. With lighting demonstrations and simulations, attendees are active participants in the workshops and discussions led by the Institute's world-renowned staff.

Lighting Classes at the Institute

Lighting Classes at the Institute

More than 6,000 people attend various courses and workshops hosted at the Institute each year.

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History of Nela Park

It began in 1879 when Edison invented the carbon filament lamp. The General Electric Company was formed by merging the Edison Electric Company and the Thomson Houston Company on April 15, 1892. That year, the company employed 10,000 people and had $20 million in sales.

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Nela Park Map

The Lighting & Electrical Institute is located just 7 miles from downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
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Lighting & Electrical Institute
1975 Noble Road
Nela Park
Cleveland, Ohio 44112-6300