GE reveal® light brings your home to life.

Ever since the introduction of the GE reveal® bulb, consumers have come to love how its clean, beautiful light® looks throughout their homes.

These bulbs bring out the colors and patterns that may normally go unnoticed under standard incandescent light.

By simply switching to GE reveal®, consumers have been able to transform every room from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Give every room in your house a makeover.

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Do your own home makeover with GE reveal®

You know that great feeling you get when you've just repainted or redecorated and the house feels fresh and new? The right lighting can have a similar effect. GE reveal® light bulbs are a quick and easy makeover for every room of your home.

GE reveal A19 LED bulbs

GE reveal® LED A19 Light Bulbs — Provides nearly the same light output as a traditional 60 watt reveal® incandescent bulb while using 80 percent less energy.

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