Track & Recessed Lighting for your Home

Versatile technology for energy-efficient lighting plans

Versatile technology for indoor track and recessed lighting, GE track and recessed lights deliver the technology and flexibility to make the most of your living spaces. So, whether you're looking for broad beams of light in your kitchen or creatively spotlighting artwork in a formal hallway, GE offers a wide range of brilliant, energy-efficient track and recessed lighting solutions — including a full range of GE energy-efficient halogen and long-lasting energy smart® CFL bulbs and traditional & LED low voltage recessed & track lighting.

Be sure to use reflector and PAR bulbs in your track and recessed lighting fixtures. Using general purpose bulbs causes much light to be trapped in the fixture. Reflectors and PAR light bulbs direct the light out of the fixture and right where you need it.

With GE track lighting and recessed lighting, you can expect the best of form and function. Discover how much energy you can save around your home with the GE energy saving calculator.

It's easy to install an LED Downlight — Watch this short video.

GE LED track & recessed bulbs

GE energy smart<sup>®</sup> LED Track & Recessed Lighting

The future of lighting is here. Some GE LED track & recessed bulbs last up to 25,000 hours. That's longer than twelve 65W R30 incandescent lamps — making them a brilliant idea for hard-to-reach fixtures.

GE reveal® light bulbs

GE reveal<sup>®</sup> Track & Recessed Lighting

The clean, beautiful® light of GE reveal® bulbs brings out colors and patterns. And GE reveal® CFLs make colors pop while providing the energy efficiency and long life of a compact fluorescent.

GE energy-efficient halogen light bulbs

GE energy-efficient halogen Track & Recessed Lighting

GE halogen technology delivers crisp, white light. These GE halogen spotlights and floodlights use less energy than standard halogen bulbs.

GE energy smart® CFL light bulbs

GE energy smart<sup>®</sup> CFL Track & Recessed Home Lighting

The GE energy smart® Indoor Floodlight CFL features a GE spiral® bulb on the inside that uses 75% less energy and lasts up to 5 times longer than incandescent indoor reflectors.

GE low voltage recessed & track lights

GE Low Voltage LED & traditional Recessed & Track Lights

Use GE low voltage LED & traditional lights in your indoor track & recessed lighting and outdoor directional lighting to create a dramatic effect. Perfect for highlighting photos inside or landscaping outdoors.