“What is holding you back?”

"What is holding you back?"

This was the question Mike Hall posed as part of a discussion on street lighting at this year's Carbon Trust Public Sector Conference. We have the technology, the payback is attractive and the finance is available – so why are local authorities still hesitant to adopt low energy lighting?
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Tomorrow's economy will be revolutionized by the Industrial Internet

Tomorrow's economy will be revolutionized by the Industrial Internet

Machines ‘speak' to one another. The margin for human error and the time required to get things moving will be drastically reduced. The Industrial Internet will touch on countless sectors and sub-sectors of the economy and the devices that power those sectors, from industrial machinery to smart phones, sensors and controls.
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Lighting public spaces – challenges of municipalities

The End of Streetlighting?

The ‘great switch-off' is an unfortunate sign that many local authorities are still not aware of the ways they can access modern, efficient lighting infrastructure that essentially pays for itself and saves money, energy and carbon both immediately and across its long lifetime.
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