Today’s looks, inspired by yesteryear

Vintage Gameroom
Today’s looks, inspired by yesteryear
13 August, 2019

At GE Lighting, we’re all about a good #ThrowbackThursday. But we can’t limit our love for old school charm to just one day a week! Take a look at some of our favorite ways to bring a bit of the past into your present home.

Posters and prints

You can start small with some retro posters. Whether you want to remember a favorite movie or your childhood hero, they’re an easy way to add color to any room.


Our Oversized Vintage Style LED bulbs make a big statement and installing them requires little effort. They fit standard fixtures, so adding some Edison-inspired flair is as easy as screwing in a…you know. Plus, they come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors for your perfect glow.

Small accents

Bring subtle charm to your existing style with accessories that combine fashion with function, like these galvanized metal canisters. They have an industrial feel that makes them a great way to bridge the old and the new.

Retro appliances

If you’re willing to fully commit, you can have your snack break double as time travel. Check out this mini fridge, which looks like it was transported here straight from the 1950s.

Record players

Thanks to a recent revival in all things old-fashioned, your perfect turntable is just a click away. When you want to put yours to use, you can treasure hunt for records at thrift stores and vintage shops.

So there you have it: timeless classics that still have a place in 2019. Enjoy your trip down memory lane!