Three Ways to Make Your Craft Area More Crafty

Three Ways to Make Your Craft Area More Crafty
Three Ways to Make Your Craft Area More Crafty
31 January, 2018

Every self-respecting crafter knows the smallest details matter, whether it’s the straight stitches in your hand-sewn quilt or the complementary borders in your most recent scrapbook.

Another important detail? The light in which you view your projects—which is why we suggest GE’s Reveal® HD+ light bulb. Reveal® filters out dulling yellow light, resulting in peerless color contrast. The bright, energizing bulb provides perfect clarity, so no design element goes unnoticed.

Your lights can help you improve your craft—who knew? Here are three other ways you can ensure your workspace remains your preferred area of artistry for years to come.

Showcase Your Work

Turn your hobby room into a gallery featuring everyone’s favorite artist: you! Showcase completed crafts or your works-in-progress. Not only will they beautify your area, they may just serve as inspiration for future pieces—and for any other crafters who might join you. Be proud to display your hard work.

Utilize Creative Storage and Organization

Never underestimate the visual appeal of your materials. They’re the bits and pieces that make your work shine, so of course they look great individually, too. Don’t hide them away! Get creative with your storage and organization, with an emphasis on bringing your supplies into the open.

If you make your equipment easily accessible, you won’t have to worry about losing your train of thought while searching for your favorite pair of scissors. And seeing everything you have to work with might spark ideas about how to put old things together in new ways.

Improve Your Workspace

Ideally, every aspect of your craft room would be as impressive as the objects you’re creating, but let’s focus on the “crown jewel” of the hobby room: your workstation.

It’s where you’ll be spending the most time, so it should be a piece of furniture that you enjoy—and don’t mind staring at for hours on end—whether you’re perfecting your work or waiting for that next brilliant thought to strike. Treating yourself to a new workstation might be an investment, but you can’t put a price on the creativity it enables.

So now that your studio is as beautiful as can be, it’s a work of art in and of itself. And you know what that means: it should definitely be lit as such, too. Let those details dazzle.