Lighting the way to New Year’s Resolutions

Lighting the way to New Year’s Resolutions
04 January, 2021

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap, if only because these self-improvement goals often become amusing afterthoughts midway through January.

But not this time! Because we’re here to help—and to illuminate all the ways in which lighting can help you live your best life.

Take up a hobby

If 2021 marks the start of FINALLY putting those knitting needles to work or dusting off that sewing machine, we encourage you to create a space where you’ll love to, well, create. You don’t need your own workshop—a cozy corner will do just fine.

To set yourself up for side-interest success, include the crisp, clarifying glow of Reveal® HD+ LED bulbs. They’ll brighten up your detail work and save you a lot of eyestrain.

Wake up earlier

Night owls, this one’s for you. If you want to get more out of your day, we can ensure you always get up on the right side of the bed.

C by GE Tunable White Smart Bulbs help support your sleep cycle and have settings for every time of day. So not only will you be better rested, but you can get up and at ’em in the early morning with a vibrant glow that mimics daylight.

Eat healthier

You knew this one was coming, right? It’s one of the most popular resolutions, and yet people seem to always fall off the wellness wagon.

But when you grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs with the help of our LED Grow Lights, you’ll see that it’s actually very simple—and super delicious—to incorporate fresh produce. And because these bulbs offer a nourishing (as well as aesthetically pleasing) glow all year round, you can raise a bumper crop in every season and in style.

So raise a glass to all the ways you’ll get even better this year. We can’t wait to hear your successes, so be sure to share them with us on social media, and tag @GELighting. Happy New Year!