Light the Way to an Improved You

Desk with Lamp showing GE Reveal Light
Light the Way to an Improved You
15 January, 2019

January is all about determining which parts of your life you want to make a little better. The possibilities are endless! So, allow us to be your allies in self-improvement. We’re sharing a few ways to follow through on your New Year’s resolutions—and of course, you should get a little help from light along the way.

The resolution: Get in shape.

The solution: You don’t have to start running marathons. Rather, you can make a well-rounded lifestyle change. Even by adding small amounts of activity, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking farther away, you can start to see the positive impact.

The resolution: Hone your hobbies.

The solution: This is the perfect time to pursue something you’re passionate about—or at least a little interested in. While it can seem intimidating, there are tons of resources at your disposal. Watch YouTube tutorials or check out books from the library. And when you’re toiling away at home, turn to Reveal® HD+ LED to provide a clarifying light that brings out your work’s wonderful details.

The resolution: Reduce waste and go green.

The solution: We can all do our part to make the world a little healthier. Consider keeping a timer in your shower to reduce water usage, and make sure you turn off the water when brushing your teeth. Reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible, but also try to cut down on consumption in the first place. That’s why we recommend installing LED bulbs—they’re energy efficient, and they last longer for less waste.

The resolution: Be more productive.

The solution: Maybe you just want this to be the year you get things done. First and foremost, rid yourself of temptation. There are tons of productivity apps that can deter you from distractions. Start keeping tabs on to-do lists and transfer unfinished tasks to the next day’s agenda. And to keep up, surround yourself with an energizing atmosphere—like Refresh™ HD LED bulbs, which provide an invigorating light perfect for active spaces like your home office.

The resolution: Slow things down.

The solution: Or maybe you’ve resolved to do the opposite—you want to take 2019 to slow down and smell the roses, which is an equally admirable goal. In that case, we suggest using Relax™ HD LED bulbs to light your year. The cozy glow is perfect for comfortable moments and creating memories you’ll cherish forever.

Let GE light the path of improvement. By tackling a few small tasks, you’ll see progress in no time. And we think that makes for a very bright 2019. Happy New Year from your friends at GE Lighting!