What is the Best Home Office Setup for Productivity?

How Can I Feel More Productive in My Home Office?
What is the Best Home Office Setup for Productivity?
31 January, 2018

Ok, so let’s say you have a home office. And let’s say you’re one of the lucky folks who gets to enjoy working from it on a daily basis. You probably wake up, sit down at your desk, and stay 100% focused on the task at hand, right? Eh, probably not. I mean, you’re at home—where you keep your books, TV, video games, food, pets, and all of your other fun stuff.

So how does someone who works from home avoid distraction and stay productive? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s actually not that hard. The key is staging the right work environment for yourself—which is integrally tied to lighting.

Light bulbs, as basic as they may seem, can change the mood and feeling of a room. It’s true. Which means it’s not only an inexpensive way to enhance your productivity, but, thanks to GE Lighting, it’s also easy.

GE’s HD LED series features three different light bulbs designed to create the right moods in the right rooms. And for home offices, the innovative lighting giant has the perfect bulb for you: Refresh™ HD LED. As their most enhanced daylight, it provides a cool, invigorating tone that helps you stay more alert and active—all with unparalleled color contrast and boldness (hence the “HD” part of the name)

This bulb also works perfectly in your laundry room, your basement, and anywhere else you want your get-up-and-go to, well, stay put.

It’s one simple step that will help you get more work out of working from home.