How to Create a Good Study Space - Study Room Inspiration

Studying with computer open
How to Create a Good Study Space - Study Room Inspiration
21 August, 2018

The days are getting shorter, big yellow buses are back on the roads, and there’s a noticeable lack of lemonade stands. That can only mean one thing: school’s back in session. And GE Lighting wants to help make this your child’s best year yet. So we’re sharing our top tips for creating a study space that will keep them focused and inspired, so they always make the grade.

Select your seat.

Pick out a chair that will provide support without sacrificing comfort. There are so many options, from the traditional swivel chair to more modern alternatives, like balance balls. Or forgo sitting all together and use a taller desk or a higher counter as a workspace—some people prefer to stand when it comes to getting stuff done. It’s all about finding what works for your family.

Pick the right light.

The right bulb makes a world of a difference. That’s why we recommend Reveal® HD+ LED, which is GE’s best light. Reveal® filters out dulling yellow light for whiter whites and unparalleled color contrast. It’s the perfect option for spaces where details count—and it’ll show in that extra credit diorama.

Get rid of distractions.

Let’s face it: with so many other fun activities available at your house, homework might not be at the top of your child’s to-do list. But by removing distractions likes phones, tablets, TVs, or video games, students will get that algebra worksheet done faster, so they can move on to the things they really want to do.

Keep necessities nearby.

When trains of thought come chugging, it’s important to fuel them as far as they can go. And nothing pumps the brakes on a good idea like having to stop and search for supplies to bring it to life. Keep basic school stuff like pens, pencils, paper, scissors, and a ruler, in a caddy that’s easily accessible to your scholars.

So there you have it: four easy ways to build an A+ homework hub. Here’s to a brighter school year for all!